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Atari Lynx News and Updates
These are the latest news and updates from the Atari Lynx scene and community. Do you have something hot to share? Get in contact and tell us what it is!

BennVenn keeps amazing the Lynx mod scene with more cool announcements! This time for. NiMh battery charge mod for your Lynx! Here's a word from Ben...

NiMh charge boards are in production! 2 cell or 6 cell support - USB charging (2 cell) or DC jack charging (6 cell). $12 in store soon! - The basics: Allows the use of standard NiMh AA cells, eneloops, dollar store rechargables etc. Longer runtime than any Lithium mod kits, longer shelf life, lower self discharge, higher charge cycles, all up safer and cheaper and no international shipping issues! Simple 3 wire install, led charge and fault indication, Can charge while playing, multiple safety checks to keep your batteries, charger and console safe!. 2cell suitable for GBC/GBA/Pocket - 6cell suitable for Atari Lynx I,II and Game Gear. Can be used with USB C boost modules to charge 6cell system from USBC.

Very cool! Can't wait to test these out. Atari Gamer will also be brining out a micro-USB compatible add-on for this, which can also function as a way to directly power your Lynx from a USB power bank!

Both Ponx and SFX were re-released by Songbird Productions on curved lip carts, along with the rest of their published games. However, these two released did not get a box, they still came in the CD Jewel case. Well, 22 years after the initial release, this is finally changing! The shiny new boxes will be available from the Songbird Productions store in November 2021.

Here's a short word from Songbird...

Boxes will be $10 each. Cart + box prices will not go up; ...Songbird will run a limited-time discount on these two carts after the boxes are available. Pricing TBD.

Here's another preview of Captain Harlynx, this time it's the "End of Infinity" level parts 2 and 3. It's not in space but in Egypt, among the pyramids. And speaking of pyramids, check out their 3D rendering! Very cool to see this sort of effect on the Lynx.

Now that was cool, but here's an Atari Gamer exclusive preview of the next part of this level, inside a pyramid. This is a shorter videos but it shows off even more amazing effects like 3D shadows!

This game is going to be amazing when it's released!

While we wait for Raid on TriCity - Second Wave and YNXA to be released in their physical forms, here are two videos that show off gameplay for the games.

Once the games are released, they will be available for purchase from the Yastuna Games store.

We held our LynXmas 2020 game jam in December last year and promised that there will be a physical cartridge release of the games. Due to various delays that have been out of our control we weren't able to make it happen sooner, but now that we've taken matters into our hands, the cartridge is coming out this year and it will be available in time for Christmas! 🎅

The following games will be included on the one cartridge:

Pre-orders will be opened soon from our shop, we just need a little bit more time to finalise the cartridge sticker and how the game selection menu will look, otherwise we're ready to go! We'll make another announcement once pre-orders are open.

A big THANK YOU goes out to Yastuna Games for helping us out with the cartridge stickers and PCBs. Another huge THANKS goes out to LordKraken from KrakenDev for helping out with the game selection menu. 😻

You might say that YNXA has already been released, but that was the competition version. Soon we will have a physical release of the game, with more maps and temples to explore. There will also be a deluxe edition for those who want something extra (we know we do!) Here's a word from the developer...

Hope to get the packaging printed for Animasia Festival homebrew corner in 3 weeks in Bordeaux.

Cannot guarantee the game will be on sale, but it will be demoed among other games (Asteroids Chasers Game Boy, but also NES games from some friends)

This is the regular packaging artwork. What do you think about it ?

Deluxe Edition will include:

  • the regular version of the game, with exclusive sticker
  • an exclusive poster
  • the Ynxa Map Pack (four A2 posters featuring prologue, temples of Air/Fire/Water, Temple of Perseverance and Pyramid final level - this is not a walkthrough, just a precious help) (*)
  • cart Ynxa 30th contest version
  • a gold pyramid cart holder (see picture)
  • and of course, all in a Big Box (same size/quality than Asteroids Chasers Deluxe Edition)
Stay tuned for amazing cover illustration by Margarita Gadrat.

(*) the Map Pack will also be available alone for people who want it along the Regular Edition.

A quick update from Jasper aka Ninjabba, the developer of Wyvern Tales via his mailing list...

Greetings fellow Atarians!

Here is a small but important update: I'm happy to announce that the new batch of Wyvern Tales is available for sale again!

This week the first games of the new batch are being shipped. You can order your copy now directly from Songbird Productions. If you live in Europe, you might want to wait a few more weeks, so that you can buy it directly from me and save on shipping costs. I will send an update once the games are ready for shipment.

On my Instagram profile you can see progress on homebrew projects I'm currently working on.

Stay safe and until next update!

- Jasper aka Ninjabba

Have you had a peek at Jasper's Insta account? Notice anything interesting there, because we see something new being worked on there. We'll have a better update on that soon hopefully!

Wyvern Tales and Sky Raider Redux are being shipped out on the 14th of September, but pre-orders are open already and they're selling fast! Here's a word from Songbird Productions...

We are on track for these exciting new releases! All the parts are in stock; now we just need to get busy and build up inventory so we can start shipping by the release date, Sep 14. Don't wait, as each game is limited to only 250 units and we've already sold about half of Wyvern Tales and a quarter of Sky Raider Redux.

8-Bit Strike is still in development but we keep getting new bit of information about it. This time there's a preview of a new map. Here are some words from the developer...

Things were a bit slow over the summer, but TIX has got round to completing the new tileset for tropical maps. The first map is the legendary "de_aztec", here is an overview:

You can also check out the official Blog for more details about this game.

This is one of the first games to make full use of the online internet multiplayer features and we're ready to try it out! Here's a word from the developer...

The full version of 8-Bit Slicks for the Atari Lynx (with 22 maps, improved sprites, etc) is almost ready @ Songbird Production.I am currently working on several shipments of 8bit-Hubs, which Songbird will retail together with the game (so you can play Slicks online with your Lynx)!

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