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Atari Lynx News and Updates
These are the latest news and updates from the Atari Lynx scene and community. Do you have something hot to share? Get in contact and tell us what it is!
Sep 26 2020

Songbird Productions has re-released a number of old limited run carts for Atari Lynx recently. These too are limited run carts (not really sure why as it's so easy to produce them on-demand), so if you want a piece of Lynx history, grab them now.

The re-released carts are:

  • CGE 5th Anniversary REDUX
  • Alpine Games Bonus Card (2020)
  • Cyber Virus Lost Missions

    You can buy these from the Songbird Productions Shop.

  • Sep 23 2020
    Project Argon, a brand new emulation system that will run on Android devices, Raspberry Pi, FireTV and Chromebooks has just got a big update. Although it's not publicly available yet, progress on the development looks very promising...

    Over the last few months, we’ve been hard at work improving our high-quality emulation and extensive library to make your retro gaming experience Better Than Ever.

    Argon is all about great emulation of classic games and homebrew hits. We’ve spent a lot of time adding support for new consoles and making sure that games work great on the platform.

    We recently reached a major milestone! We've completed initial support for the 5 classic consoles selected for launch: Atari 2600, Atari Lynx, ColecoVision, Intellivision and Vectrex.

    We can confirm that all of the games from the Atari Gamer programming competitions will be there and free, along with many other homebrew games. We can't wait to try it out!

    Sep 22 2020

    Even though some Lynx related events have been cancelled this year due to the current World COVID-19 situation, Sillyventure 2k20 is still on. There's 75 days until the event and there is the usual lot of competitions planned, including a Lynx programming competition.

    If you're interested in entering...these are the rules...

    Atari LYNX Game/Demo Compo - There's just one rule: NO RULES! :) we didn't hear about any hardware extensions, so you must to take the challenge with original hardware :-)

    We'll be keeping track of the entries and results of the competition over at our events page - Sillyventure 2k20

    Sep 21 2020

    Unfortunately the current world COVID-19 situation has taken a toll on this excellent event. Here's a word from organisers...

    You probably already guessed it.
    Due to the Corona pandemic the ejagfest - retro event will not take place in 2020.
    It’s really unfortunate, because this year would had marked the 20th anniversary of the event. Hopefully we can catch up in 2021 with an even bigger party. I’m looking forward to see you soon, take care, cheers, BjΓΆrn

    Sep 17 2020

    You've heard about hydro-dipping, the amazing way to get cool images onto curved surfaces with seamless results. Well, Video Game Repair has been experimenting with dipping retro console shells and the results are stunning. You have to see it for yourself!

    Amazing right?! The price will set you back between $30 and $40 (USD + shipping). There is a Lynx model 2 shell in the works too, we'll post about that once we see it.

    Each of the original console shells are first blasted with walnut husk to remove any dirt and grime and get the surface ready, then they are hydro-dipped and coated with 2 layers of clear coat.

    Sep 15 2020

    The Lynx 2020 Programming Competition has come to a conclusion and the voting for the winners has finished too. So lets see who's won!

    The winners of this competition are: Xump 2, Timeloop and Asteroids Chasers. With other entries coming close behind - Minimal, Titan and Sybil's Nightmare Run AGPC2020. The scores for all entries were very close, but of course 3 top placing winners had to be chosen.

    Apart from overall scores, the following detail scores have been assigned. These are not used for determining the entries' final placement however.

    Sep 9 2020

    Lynx Blast 2020 Demo has been released for Atari Lynx. This was going to be an entry into the Lynx 2020 Programming Compo but unfortunately didn't make it in on time.

    The game is designed to play over ComLynx with up to 5 other players, making 6 player action possible. There are plans to enhance this version and make a more fully fledged final version, so lets hope that does happen!

    Sep 1 2020

    The new Lynx GD (GameDrive) is in stock at various online outlets in a limited quantity. You can get it from AtariAge Store or DragonBox Shop. This version is much faster than the Lynx SD it replaces so it's very much worth a purchase!

    Read our review of the current SD carts - RetroHQ Lynx GameDrive and BennVenn's ElCheapoSD Cartridge Review for Atari Lynx

    Aug 30 2020

    Odynexus: Journey to Ithaca (SV2k19 Version) has been released last year as a demo version and since then work has continue on this excellent game. There's great news from the development team about the game being almost complete for a physical release...

    Greetings Space Warriors!

    Development is progressing at a good pace, and the game is now 80% done. We have entered discussions to get the game published, so expect a quality physical release!

    To celebrate that, here is a teaser of the third level where you will fight Hades almighty and his maleficent legions!

    Aug 25 2020

    Here's a bit of great news straight from BennVenn...

    'Drop In' Lynx LCD kit - V5 in production!

    Whats new?

    A few changes to the solder pads, they're now in line with the solder pads on the Lynx motherboard making it easier to find the right connection.The option for SOLDERLESS install! Using the optional ribbon, there is no soldering required to install this LCD kit (LynxII only). Just remove the old LCD, Install the new LCD, insert the ribbon and you're done!. Brightness will be fixed at 100% without the brightness pad soldered and you'll loose the scanline option. Soldering a single wire will give access to brightness/scanline control.

    Crowbar protection - Lynx power supply circuits fail taking out the entire lynx and causing irreparable damage. While not 100% guaranteed to save your lynx, we've added protection circuitry to effectively short out your 5v rail and shut down your system if it climbs to a dangerous level. There is no other protection built into your lynx to help combat a power supply failure so we're hoping this small addition can possibly save your motherboard should the worst happen.

    Pre-Orders will go live once we have shipping confirmation from our factory.

    Aug 24 2020

    If you've been waiting to get a hold of the BennVenn's ElCheapo SD, the good news is they are back in stock. The bad news is that the injection moulded shell still only works with the Lynx Model 2.

    You can buy the cart with or without an SD cart, but for the extra $3, a 2Gb cart that is guaranteed to work with the cartridge is worth it.

    Aug 15 2020

    The Lynx 2020 Programming Competition has come to a close and there are 6 new games for you all to try out! You can download them all for free and either play them in an emulator or use an SD flash cart. Don't forget to submit your ratings for each of the entries!

    If you don't have an emulator installed, you can use the Online Lynx Emulator.

    Aug 9 2020

    BennVenn's ElCheapo SD was promised to come with an injection molded cartridge shell, there were some difficulties in realising this but BV is working to sort it out and the Lynx 2 version of the shells is working out and looking good. A Lynx 1 and Lynx 2 compatible version will be in the works shortly.

    There is quite a bit of flooding here right now, we've been cut off from town so we'll resume shipping once the roads are open.Edit: preheating seemed to do the trick! These are a little thick for the lynx1 but a perfect fit for the lynx2. If you're using your cart in a lynx2, please email and we'll get your order shipped as soon as the weather eases up! Lynx1 compatible molds will be cut tomorrow if/when we have enough solar to run the CNC mill.

    Aug 2 2020

    We've covered 8bit-Unity previously, well now this project has released an update on its hardware component - the 8bit-Hub. What is it? Well it's an device that lets you add functionality to supported consoles (like the Atari Lynx, Commodore 64, etc) to enable them to use WiFi, additional joysticks, etc. Watch the video below for a great run down by the creator..

    Atari Gamer will be working together with 8bit-Unity to test both the device and the SDK and we'll have updates as they come up!

    Jul 30 2020

    Unnamed, an upcoming Atari Lynx graphical adventure game has finished being coded. Marcin, the developer is now negotiating the best way to release the game on physical cart. Hopefully these negotiations don't take too long and we'll see this game released in the next few months. We've already play tested it and can say it's great! Atari Gamer has also been responsible for doing the English language storyline corrections, so we're especially excited for this game to get a physical release!

    Note: The screenshot shows an older version of the game before text corrections have been applied.

    Jul 14 2020

    You've probably read our previous article - RetroHQ Lynx GameDrive and BennVenn's ElCheapoSD Cartridge Review for Atari Lynx where we've talked about the BennVenn's ElCheapo SD cartridge for Atari Lynx and the fact that it will have an injection moulded shell. Well, after much hard work, BennVenn still had some issues with the injection moulding machine so decided to go a different route for now...

    A couple more last minute changes. Our injection molding machine needs upgrades to reliably press the plastic into the thinner cavities of the molds. This could take a little while with slow shipping so we just went out and invested in a 3d resin printer.

    The 3D printed resin shells look good in photos but having used one of these printers in the past we know that there are many challenges to overcome with them too. Once a sample shell arrives, we'll have more to say! Though the new design looks quite slick and the addition of the 3D "BennVenn" logo is really cool.

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