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Atari Lynx News and Updates
These are the latest news and updates from the Atari Lynx scene and community. Do you have something hot to share? Get in contact and tell us what it is!

Xump 2 was the winning entry of the Lynx 2020 Programming Competition and now it's been polished off and coding has finished. The game is released free of charge as a ROM over the the Retroguru website (direct download link).

Here's the announcement from Retroguru...

Atari's Lynx handheld has been released in the EU in 1990. Now we do have 2021 and it's time for Xump 2 to be on #Atari #Lynx in it's final release (unless you find bugs). The #game #ROM is #free! Simply help Misuki to clean up deserted space fields. If you would be interested to get your hands on a physical release, please let us know so we may prepare one.

This game would have been not possible without:

  • Code: Gisberto Rondinella (nop90)
  • Graphics, Character Design: Christian Damm (Ragnarok)
  • Character Design: Christian Hildenbrand (Daydream)
  • Graphics Downgrade: Jonathan Dodd (Dulcahn)
  • Music: Jakub Szelag (AceMan)
  • Music for Atari Lynx: Michal Szpilowski (Miker)
  • Beta-Test, Trailer: Denny MΓΌller (Mulle)
  • Poster Design: Esraa Alesber (Amaya)
  • Sound Effects: Andrew Lemon (ne7)
  • Producer, Beta-Test, Levels: Shahzad Sahaib (Kojote)
Thanks everyone involved in the project. Marvelous job!

Make sure to watch the excellent game trailer before you go downloading the game...

You will be able to play this ROM on our website in the next couple of days.

There's been talk about an FPGA implementation of Atari Lynx for a long time, it's been a dream for many people and now it looks like it will become a reality. MiSTer is an open project that aims to recreate various classic computers, game consoles and arcade machines, using modern hardware. It allows software and game images to run as they would on original hardware, using peripherals such as mice, keyboards, joysticks and other game controllers.

FPGAzumSpass, one of the MiSTer developers has released a video showcasing something that's already looking quite impressive. You can watch the video below...

We've had a quick chat to FPGAzumSpass and this is some of what he had to say...

The goal is to have a copy that behaves exactly like a real Lynx. It will be a difficult path as not all details are known or documented, but I will try my best.
While the (graphics) drawing is quite complex, it works pretty good already for most games. There are some bugs left leading to games hanging after the title screen somewhere in-game.
Sound is still completely missing and will be a big task to get exact.
Overall it will take me through the year to have a good implementation.

We can definitely relate to the good quality sound reproduction - Handy, the original Lynx emulator has been known to have many issues with Lynx sound emulation, which for a fairly straight forward 4 channel system seems quite hard to get right. We're really looking forward to testing this out in the near future though!

Captain Harlynx is still in development but its developer keeps on sharing videos of snippets of gameplay every so often to keep us interested. This update simply blows every other space game on the Lynx out of the water! There are amazing 3D effects with background spaceship animations, 3D effects for enemies and if you get to the end of the of the best hyperspace effects I've seen! Really can't wait to play this game!

Here are some screenshots from the video...

Watch the video below...

The BennVenn LCD kit for Atari Lynx has been really groundbreaking and popular, with many revisions released, each improving things more and more. The latest revision (rev6 - install guide here) added adjustment to screen brightness via the Lynx brightness wheel. Now there's a revision of the kit that has brightness wheel control and works with the C104129-001 Lynx 2 motherboard.

Here's a little bit from BennVenn...

Revision 6! With brightness control using the original Contrast wheel! This version requires one wire to be soldered to be compatible with the -001 motherboard. Solder RES pad to TP27.

You can buy the kit here - LYNX II DROP IN LCD KIT - (MOTHERBOARD REVISION C104129-001)

Odynexus: Journey to Ithaca development has now come to an end, but there's still lots of testing ahead before we see a final release. Here's an update from the developer...

Great news Commander!

After a lot of hard work, the game is finally features complete!

This means that code, art and music are done!

You may wonder now... When will the game be released? Well while most of the work is definitely behind us, the game is not gold yet, we need to play it and test it A LOT in the coming weeks. We want the game to be simple to play, difficult to master, hard but not hardcore, and this is what extensive testing will add to the game.

So stay tuned my friends!

oh and tell us in the comments if you would be interested by a digital copy of the game rather than a physical one!

Both Facebook and Google have been threatening the Australian Government to take drastic measures to it's proposed law that would require social media giants to pay for links to news content. Overnight, Facebook took a drastic step to pre-emptively start blocking all news content on its platform. This wasn't limited to just news and media company pages, it affected emergency services, Government information pages and yes... RETRO GAME PAGES!

Atari Gamer's, page was caught up in this too (yes we are from Australia if you didn't know!). If you are from Australia, none of the page content is appearing any longer. Apparently international visitors still have access to posts though...

This is what we have to say to Facebook in response...

In addition, we went ahead and created a Discord server, which we will start using more and more to share content and keep in touch with all of you. Please join us at this URL:

You can read more about the message Facebook has created here - Facebook blocks Australian users from viewing or sharing news.

BennVenn recently announced his LCD mod kit for Lynx model 1 and now Mr Lurch has done a very nice installation and hardware hacking video with this kit. It's a rather more complicated install compared to the Lynx model 2, but is worth it for the image quality. We'll have a written up guide posted here soon, meanwhile here's the video...

You can order you Lynx 1 LCD mod kit from here.

Be sure to subscribe to Mr Lurch's Things channel on YouTube. If you want to see his other Lynx LCD kit videos, here are a couple of links: BennVenn Atari Lynx LCD Replacement: A new alternative and Quick Update: BennVenn's LCD for the Atari Lynx II.

Although games on Atari Lynx are usually much more impressive than any of the Game & Watch titles, it is always fun to have this type of LCD style game to mess around with. Nop90, who's created a number of games for the Lynx already put together an alpha version of Final Melee recently. This is a JRPG inspired LCD style game for Atari Lynx. Check out the early version gameplay...

The third in the series of videos that explores the various Atari Lynx homebrew games, tech demos, prototype ROMs and demoscene demos has been made available to watch on YouTube. This one takes a look at the following: Atari Tabletops Collection #1, Atomix, Audiostereogram v1, Bad Apple, Bars, Bastion.

You can also watch the previous two videos here:

  • Atari Lynx HOMEBREW REVIEWS #2
  • Atari Lynx HOMEBREW REVIEWS #1

  • Growing Ties Deluxe has been announced by Dr Ludos and it looks amazing! Not only will the game be an improvement over the original with new levels, new games modes, and a polished the overall game experience, it will feature three bonus games on the cartridge! These games are Timeloop, Fishing for Atari, and Gift Catcher.

    Here's something that Dr Ludos had to add...

    This game should be published on cartridge in a fully featured boxed edition, hopefully by the end of 2021.
    Meanwhile, the first beta version of the game is available right now for people who support me on Patreon:

    Meanwhile you can play the original game and the mini bonus games online here -

  • Growing Ties
  • Timeloop
  • Fishing for Atari
  • Gift Catcher

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