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Atari Lynx News and Updates
These are the latest news and updates from the Atari Lynx scene and community. Do you have something hot to share? Get in contact and tell us what it is!

The Lovebyte party has been announced for 2022! Hopefully we will see some ATARI LYNX entries for it!

Join us in a celebration of the smallest with a dedicated sizecoding demoparty/event, held on the weekend of 11-13th february 2022 on Discord and Twitch

We'll be online streaming with intro competitions in different size categories from the smallest to the even smaller. From our 256 byte graphics and nanogame competitions to bytebeat music competition.

Or what about cool size-coded related seminars to get you started, Bytejam, DJ Sets and many other events?

This is the one event where size does matter! Don't miss it!

- Lovebyte 2022: Bring the love!

Watch the invite below -

A new year and a huge new update from Songbird Productions...

New Releases8bit-Slicks puts you in the cockpit of a high-speed racing machine. Battle it out against up to three CPU opponents on 20+ custom tracks, or play ONLINE against other retro fans using the 8bit-Hub (not included). Yes, you read that right: you can now play certain Lynx games ONLINE against other players around the world! Even better, the Hub supports cross-play, so a Lynx fan could be racing against someone playing on a C64 or other select retro platforms. This cartridge release of Slicks includes multiple exclusive features such as bonus racing tracks, in-game music, and improved graphics.

8bit-Slicks, and the 8bit-Hub will be available from Songbird in March 2022. Pre-orders open by February 1st!

Will you become an Unnamed Champion?
Unnamed quickly became one of our best-selling Lynx games when it was released in March 2021. Now Songbird has teamed up once again with talented coder Marcin Siwek to produce a limited edition Unnamed Champion cartridge. How does one get an Unnamed Champion cartridge? By winning the contest, of course!

You'll be pushed to your limits to see how well you know Unnamed by answering multiple questions about the game and exploring parts of the game you might have never seen before. Three contestants who answer all questions correctly will each win one of three Unnamed Champion carts. This exclusive cart will display the names of all three winners plus include a single brand-new playable bonus stage!

The contest will open later in January, with the winners announced by March 2022. Stay tuned!

And now for a work-in-progress update...Carl has been busy at Songbird adding new features to Microvaders for the Lynx. Check out the video below to see all-new power-ups, bigger explosions, and more music!

As preview of the Full Version coming to Songbird Production in the next couple of months (with 22 maps!), an improved Shareware Version of 8bit-Slicks for the Lynx is now available:

Besides visual and sound improvements, the game runs faster than before, so it is now possible to comfortably play 4 player games. 8bit-Hub network code was also improved (you will need to upgrade your firmware to latest 0.5, or download the 2022 version of Handy-0.99-Hub from the link above).

Captain Harlynx is getting very close to being completed and today we have another preview of another level. As usual the tech behind this game continue to impress. It's amazing to see 3D graphics on the Lynx. We can't wait to try it out on a real console!

Watch the video here...

We're holding a sellout sale on our Lynx Cart Reader/Writer and Accessories. Get 20% off the price on the fully assembled Pi 'HAT', DIY kits, 3D printed cases and related hardware. This sale will go until the 12th of December 11:30 AEST.

This year's game jam theme has been announced and it is - "Let's Make Something Scary". Here are some words from the game jam page...

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make an Atari Lynx game within the next 23 days, to have fun and put a smile on players' faces. This is an unranked jam and we encourage collaboration and showing off your skills, but above all to have fun making a new game.

This year's theme is "Let's make something scary". So dig up your bodies, pull out the skeletons from the closet, unleash the monsters, spill some (pixelated) blood and maybe have a witch or two fly by. Let's make it the best scary game jam so far!

Can't wait to see what the game entries will be this time around! We have a wiki with the programming resources to get you started, you can check it out here - Atari Lynx Dev Wiki.

Game & Lynx - Critter Championship, is a homage to classic LCD games of the 80s!

The plan is simple: three mini games to kill the time with ~ you can win a custom made cartridge free of charge as well as a mention in the highscore screen when the game gets officially released with Yastuna Games if you email me a picture/screenshot of your highscore to [email protected] or tag me on Instagram deadline for submission is the 31st of December. More information can be found in the AtariAge thread.

If you cannot play it on real hardware, I suggest to use an emulator such as Mednafen for Desktop or Argon for Android. The game is already pre-loaded on Argon, which is an excellent app that supports homebrewers!

Play the ROM online or Download the ROM

Ynxa is a new Atari Lynx homebrew game coming out very soon. If you liked the version submitted for Atari Gamer 30th birthday Contest, you will love the final version.

The preorder for the game and the optional map pack is available at the Yastuna Games shop. The Deluxe Edition includes the map pack inside it.

A quick update from Songbird Productions...

22 years after their initial release, the games that launched Songbird are finally available in curved lip carts and full-color glossy boxes! This is a one-time run for these boxes and they are shipping NOW so grab your copies today. You can order individual Lynx game boxes for your existing carts, or snag a retro-deal on boxed Ponx and SFX cartridges for only $39.95 each during the month of November!

These are available from the Songbird Productions store.

If you don't follow Zafinn Books, you really should. Why because they keep coming out with amazing retro books and this time there is an announcement of a new book about, you guessed it - Atari Lynx. Here's a word from them...

New book "GameGuide" starts with the Atari Lynx, includes history & hardware overviews, all 71 (officially released) games reviewed, homebrew, resource information and more is due soon. With Christmas almost upon us, I am pushing the release out to early next year to avoid any disappointment with late deliveries during these uncertain times in the global logistics chain. I'm considering taking pre-orders so you can reserve your copy. As always, these are self-published & printed in limited numbers. Let me know if you are interested in this idea. Should I decide to take pre-orders your book will ship very early next year (date TBC). More information on my website during the week. Thanks for everyone's continued support 😀

Can't wait to get our hands on it!

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