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Atari Lynx News and Updates
These are the latest news and updates from the Atari Lynx scene and community. Do you have something hot to share? Get in contact and tell us what it is!

A little bit of a sad update from BennVenn...

An update on the Current and next batch of Lynx LCD kits:
The last of the pre-orders are due to ship in the next couple of days.
At the last minute our LCD supplied raised the price of the Japaense spec LCD panels we used almost $20. This ate up all profits from this batch and after store & paypal fee's we probably lost a couple of dollars per order.
With the global shortage of Silicon, our factory said prices will be going up as stock decreases.
Chinese spec LCD's are around $10 cheaper than the Japanese so we'll be sampling them to see if any are suitable. The last 4 brands we've sampled have various contrast issues so they weren't an option.
Going forward, the release of the remaining kits later this week will be price adjusted. We've just asked for confirmation on pricing on the panels for the next batch. If they continue to rise, we may not do another batch until this silicon crisis is over.
We'll keep you posted!

His online store might still have some kits left over if you're lucky, so if your Lynx is in need of an upgraded screen, get it quick.

I'm sure you heard about the other very popular "strike" game, the one with terrorists and counter-terrorists? Well looks like shooter action of a similar calibre is coming to the Atari Lynx and other 8bit platforms that the 8bit-Hub supports. Right now it's only a preview teaser but it already looks amazing, can't wait to try it out! 8-bit Strike is coming to your Lynx soon!

Enjoy the original gameplay and scenarios, including bomb planting and hostage rescue.
Get ranked on the competetion ladder, both on Personal and Clan level!
Compete online against players playing on various 8bit systems (Atari 8bit, Atari Lynx, C64)
Show the world which 8bit system PWNS!

Watch the preview video...

There is some good news and some bad news regarding the BennVenn LCD mod kits for Atari Lynx. First the good directly from BennVenn...

The new batch of lynx lcd kits are finally ready to ship!

These are our latest ribbon design. You said it was a bit fiddly getting the ribbon into the pcb so we added a long tab for easier maneuvering.

Nice work on the text too πŸ™‚

Preorders shipping now. We'll add the leftovers once they're all shipped and we do a count.

And now for the bad...Due to the current global chip shortage, a number of chips used in both the LCD screen and the PCB that converts Lynx signals to an image that can be displayed on the LCD have gone up in price. This has been a significant rise and can't easily be absorbed by keeping LCD kit prices the same. This means that the prices for these kits are expected to go up once the pre-orders are all shipped out, this will be in the vicinity of around $30USD.

Some great updates from Songbird Productions...

Final playtesting has commenced on Sky Raider! Preview video coming soon.

Microvaders has been put on hold temporarily to help us keep up with the online store, since sales have been good for Iron Soldier 3, Unnamed, Alpine Games, and more. However, just to show you some work has happened since the original teaser video, let's talk about one of the changes made to the game: new level design for the waves of enemies.

Ignore the BYTE definitions, and stick to the comments at the top. We're redesigning Microvaders so it can support different waves of enemies instead of just the same sequence over and over. That means you could have fewer enemies at the start of the game and more showing up later. It also means we can control how many enemy shots appear on screen, how quickly they fire, and what kinds of shots they have. Even better, we plan to introduce new enemies and obstacles using this level template!

Oh, and what about Ultra Vore, the 2D fighting game which is only 20 years late (!) from Songbird? Glad you asked! How about some new fighters for the game? They aren't integrated into the code yet, but we recently commissioned full animation for each of them!

Remember right now we have the Songbird Productions Lynx Redux Celebration - 10% off Atari Lynx and Jaguar titles.

Just over one month ago we wrote about Lynx Creator Tool Suite, a no-code game maker launching a beta test. It looks like the beta test has really paid off already with not one, not two, but three games being launched for Atari Lynx soon. These will be a trilogy with the same main character. We don't have details of the story yet, but here's an update and some videos from the developer...

A bad translation of the French article that i made: Despite a few attempts to make games and small programs for the Lynx I never got very far due to my complete ignorance of programming. Thanks to many people who helped me I was able to understand how programming worked, I was able to learn, to read, adapt and transform pieces of code to achieve things by myself but it was never really good.

So when Fadest, whose talent for programming is just crazy, suggests that I try a tool that he created and that allows, without needing to program, to creat Lynx games I started to dream. And it was true !

Fadest have for real create a tool that allows anyone to create a Lynx game! And even three games for me (for the moment).

The Viking Trilogy :

This is an amazing update from 8bit-Unity...character maps or tile maps, whatever you want to call them. With this update you can create maps in a text editor, assign sprites to the tiles and have the engine scroll everything for you. Super easy! There are other updates in this release but not Lynx related...

Quick overview of new features:

  • Support for scrollable charmaps
  • Multiplexed sprites (Atari)
  • Single and Double Hires support (Apple2)
  • New tech demo: 8bit-Dungeon.

    The new tech demo - 8-Bit Dungeon shows off these new features and it's actually quite fun to mess around in. You can try it out online here too.

  • Here are a couple of great updates from Songbird Productions...

    We just got a restock on most Telegames Lynx and Jaguar games. Quantities are limited so check out the Songbird shop and see what you need for your collection.

    We haven't had time to edit the promised sneak peek video, but we are happy to announce a new feature for Sky Raider: BOSS BATTLES. That's right, Sky Raider will feature not one, not two, but FOUR unique boss battles.

    We knew this was just around the corner and it looks like it's finally happening! Argon is an emulation platform for Android devices (and Raspberry Pi). It includes Atari Lynx as one of the emulated consoles. The ability to submit your homebrew games into the Argon 'store' will open up new opportunities to developers and will hopefully encourage more games to be created for the Lynx.

    Here's what the official announcement said...

    As part of getting ready for the full launch we’re more committed than ever to having a constant flow of exciting new games available for you to play. With that in mind we’ve launched a new web page specifically for developers and publishers.

    If you’re even the slightest bit curious about what we have to say to developers (and publishers) you should definitely check it out.

    Now we can more easily communicate with people who make and license games. It’s another way we can make sure we have a growing library of retro content available for our premium subscribers.

    If you’re someone who makes games for any classic cartridge system (or you know someone who does) be sure to check out the page at and get in touch.

    The "New Generation" team has started work on Mortal Kombat (SV2k19 Version) for Atari Lynx back in 2019 and they're still making improvements. Here's a new video showing off practice mode. The game is running in a Lynx emulator and there is assembly code visible in the background. It's a very impressive feat!

    Lynx Blast Demo 2020 showed off some great potential and Bjoern, its developer, continued working on improving the game. Recently he's shared another interesting bit of news - an 8 player game running via ComLynx (in an emulator he modified). This is really great to see, we're still waiting for a "vs CPU" mode though!

    Now if it was only possible to have 8 Lynxers meet up in these days of the pandemic! πŸ˜…

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