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Atari Lynx News and Updates
These are the latest news and updates from the Atari Lynx scene and community. Do you have something hot to share? Get in contact and tell us what it is!

This one was announced some time back and we've almost given up hope waiting for it but it looks like it's actually happened! RetroSix has released replacement key ribbon cable/membrane and button rubber pads to go with it. These are for Atari Lynx model 2. If your Lynx is having issues with its keys, or you accidentally ripped the key connector when doing a screen mod, this is for you!

Captain Harlynx has been in development for some time but the project is still alive! There is again a new update from the developer, this time around we are treated to a preview of a new boss and a new level. Every time there is an update, it blows our mind and this is no exception - check out those new effects, they are just amazing! Watch the video below...

With the announcement a couple of days ago about the upcoming launch, we now have Yastuna Games online! Now's the time to get your special launch edition packages and save. Some great Atari Lynx homebrew titles are available from Yastuna, so go get them now!

8-Bit Strike is an upcoming game that can be played online on various 8-bit consoles, including the Lynx. Can't wait to give it a go, but meanwhile we just have to see how its development is progressing. Here's an update...

2 more maps based on the "Arabia" tileset are ready: de_desert and de_mirage! The draft version of "Tropical" tileset and de_aztec maps are currently being reviewed by TIX. I will be able to release sreenshots of those soon!

You can also visit for more information.

A very cool announcement from Fadest, the founder of Yastuna games...he's announcing his new game publishing business and has revealed a number of new games coming soon to Atari Lynx. There will be two launch titles - Raid on TriCity - Second Wave and Asteroids Chasers. The former is based on Raid on TriCity and the latter on Asteroids Chasers, which are both free downloads. The launch versions will of course include the cartridge, box, and manual. There will be a deluxe edition of Asteroids Chases, featuring a card game as well as a special cartridge and score sheet. And lets not forget about YNXA, it's also getting a major update with the final game being 3 times larger than the previously released version.

Here are some words from Fadest himself...

The goal is to make and publish games for the Atari Lynx, but also print games from other developers, and make games for other consoles and other editors. ... The website and online store are under construction but are expected to open soon. I already have PCB, stickers, cartridges are ordered, and box & manuals will be ordered very soon, in order to get them at the beginning of August.So sales may open july as presales, with expedition in august/september (for people who are in holidays in august and prefer to wait to be back for the parcel).

Read the full announcement here.

Growing Ties Deluxe just keeps getting better and better, can't wait to check out the final version! Here's an update from the developer...

It's time for a new update! 😀 I'm very pleased to announce that the game now features a great soundtrack composed by Carl from Songbird Productions. You can hear both the title screen music and the ingame music in this short video. And as usual, if you want to try the game by yourself, a new beta version ROM (featuring music and the latest fixes) is available for my supporters over Patreon: So what do you think of the music?

Silly Venture 2k20 has been delayed and delayed due to the current world pandemic, but it's finally happening this year in 2021 between the 20 and 22nd of August at the Arena Gdansk / Baltic Arena. And yes there is an Atari Lynx game compo, even though RJ1307 can't make this year's event, AdamK will take over.

So get your compo entries in and if you can, attend the event in person!

AstroKawaRoids is a game that was released on PC/XBox and Android and now thanks to the efforts by its developer, it's coming to 8-bit platforms. The port is being created using 8bit-unity so hopefully it means that the game will be released on Atari Lynx too.

Here's a preview of the game running as a C64 executable, it's showing promise, can't wait to see further developments!

There has been a couple of awesome announcements from Songbird Productions over the past week (see here and here). Here's the gist of it...

Sky Raider Redux and Wyvern Tales are coming out in August this year. Sky Raider preview video looks amazing, with your airplane having left/right banking animations, submarines that dive under water, trees, new river banks and BOSS BATTLES! Check out the video, it's really quite exciting...

Yastuna Games is focusing on releasing new Atari Lynx games this year and they're making great developments in terms of cartridge and box design and this time around they are showing off their new Atari Lynx game boxes. Check out this video...

It's very cool! The box is the same size as a standard Lynx game box but it opens with the cover image side, not the usual top/bottom flaps. This allows for a cool insert to be used for the cartridge and just really makes for a nice and new, fresh design. Can't wait to get these to look at in person!

Can you spot them among other Atari Lynx releases on the shelf?...

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