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Professional Homebrew Games
Packaged homebrew games with professionally made boxes in the style of original Atari packaging have started to become the norm. Prior to these, homebrews came in a variety of packaging, including VHS and CD Jewel cases and even various odd capsule style boxes.
While exploring be sure to check out all of the categories - New Releases, Official Games, Professional Homebrews, Homebrew Games and ROM-only Homebrews. This is a condensed list that is not showing variants, to see the full listing of Atari Lynx titles, check out the game database.
There are a total of 16 recorded titles in this category.
Genre: SportsYear: 2017Developer: DuranikPublisher: Luchs SoftPlayers: 1Rarity: 34
Alpine Games
Genre: Compilation/VariousDeveloper: DuranikPublisher: DuranikPlayers: 1Rarity: 84
Alpine Games Bonus Card
Genre: Adult PuzzleYear: 2009Developer: RygarPublisher: RygarPlayers: 1Rarity: 95
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Genre: RPGYear: 1993Developer: NuFXPublisher: AtariPlayers: 1Rarity: 86
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Eye of the Beholder
Genre: PuzzleYear: 2017Developer: Vince & RygarPublisher: Luchs SoftPlayers: 1Rarity: 29
Genre: Action PuzzleYear: 2019Developer: Robert Maidorn and Alex ThissenPublisher: Luchs SoftPlayers: 1Rarity: 24
Genre: Arcade/ShooterYear: 2018Developer: Luchs SoftPublisher: Luchs SoftPlayers: 1Rarity: 30
Retro X-MASsacre
Genre: Action/AdventureYear: 2018Developer: Karri KaksonenPublisher: White LynxPlayers: 1Rarity: 55
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Shaken, not stirred 2018 eJagFest Edition
Genre: Space ShooterYear: 2019Developer: Harry DodgsonPublisher: Luchs SoftPlayers: 1 - 8Rarity: 24
Space Battle
Genre: Arcade/ActionYear: 2018Developer: Sampo RintanenPublisher: White LynxPlayers: 1
Sylvester the Lumberjack
Genre: Text/AdventureYear: 2018Developer: Marcin SiwekPublisher: Luchs SoftPlayers: 1Rarity: 31
Genre: Space/ShooterYear: 2017Developer: Luchs SoftPublisher: Luchs SoftPlayers: 1Rarity: 31
Genre: Role PlayingYear: 2018Developer: Jasper van TurnhoutPublisher: Nomad StudioPlayers: 1Rarity: 37
Wyvern Tales
Genre: PuzzleYear: 2017Developer: FadestPublisher: Luchs SoftPlayers: 1Rarity: 43
Yastuna Volume 1 - The Alchemy of Cubes
Genre: Compilation/VariousYear: 2008Developer: FadestPublisher: Retro-gaming ConnexionPlayers: 1Rarity: 51
Yastuna Volume 2 - The Space Incident
Genre: ShooterYear: 2018Developer: PenguiNetPublisher: Super Fighter TeamPlayers: 1Rarity: 39
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