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These were various accessories available for the Atari Lynx. Accessories were produced officially by Atari as well as 3rd party companies like Songbird Productions and Naki.

Official Atari - Multiplayer ComLynx Cable🕸

Connects multiple Lynx consoles (up to 18) together for multiplayer games.

Official Atari - AC Adaptor🕸

Power the Lynx from a AC wall socket. 2-pin and 3-pin versions were available for the differing sockets of the UK and rest of the world.

Official Atari - Auto Cigarette Lighter Adaptor🕸

Power the Lynx from a automobile cigarette lighter. Support one or two Lynx consoles simultaneously.

Official Atari - Sun Shields🕸

Folds down flat to protect the Lynx screen. Folds up to shade the Lynx screen from sunlight for outdoor play. There is a version for both Lynx models. The top images are for the Lynx II, images below it are for the Lynx I.

Official Atari - Battery Pack🕸

Holds six big D-size batteries, it is the perfect portable backup system to the AA batteries used in your Lynx video game. The battery pack delivers all the power you need for many added hours of playing enjoyment. A cable is included that plugs directly into the Lynx's power socket. Alkaline type batteries can provide power for up to 20 hours of play.

Official Atari - Carrying Pouch🕸

Holds a Lynx, several game cards, and a ComLynx cable. Attaches via a wrist strap or belt loop.

Official Atari - Kit Case🕸

Holds a Lynx, up to 24 game cards, and various accessories. It has a padded interior with custom layout Velcro dividers. Carry via a handle or shoulder strap. Original grey colour but ages to become purple.

Songbird Productions - Lynx/PC Serial Cable🕸

Connect your Lynx to a 9-pin serial port. Used in the game Crystal Mines II: Buried Treasure, and with S.I.M.I.S. to allow downloading RAM-based homebrew games to your Lynx.

Songbird Productions - Game Wallet🕸

Holds 9 games single-stacked, or 18 games double-stacked. Made of Dupont Cordua water-resistant exterior, foam-backed soft headliner interior, 9 clear Vinyl pockets and a Velcro latch. Originally produced by Realm exclusively for the Atari Lynx.

Naki - Power Pack🕸

Mounts on the back of the Lynx II, comes with an AC adapter which allows recharging while playing. Comes in 110v (USA), 220v (Europe), or 240v (UK) formats.

Naki - Eliminator Cleaning Kit🕸

Cleans game cards and cartridge slots. Comes with swabs and cleaning solution.

Naki - AC Adaptor🕸

Powers the Lynx from any 110v outlet.

Naki - Car Power🕸

Cigarette lighter DC adaptor.

Naki - Pro Pouch+🕸

Holds a Lynx and up to 20 game cartridges. Nylon with adjustable carrying straps. Comes in Black, purple, or teal blue.

Unofficial - Lynx Skin🕸

Holds a Lynx, up to 6 game cards, and an Atari Lynx console.

Some of this information is courtesy of Lee Chapman, the admin of the Atari Lynx Fans group.

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