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Atari Lynx News and Updates
These are the latest news and updates from the Atari Lynx scene and community. Do you have something hot to share? Get in contact and tell us what it is!
Nov 6 2018
A huge update to Lacim's Legacy has been announced. ⚔️ The game looks spectacularly amazing now!
Nov 4 2018
It's not often that two new Atari Lynx games are announced within days of one another, but today is that day! ✌️ A Bug's Lynx eJagFest 2018 Edition 🐞 and Cross Chase 💣 Check them out!
Nov 2 2018
eJagFest 2018 starts this weekend for anyone able to make it in Germany
Nov 1 2018
The sillyventure 2k18 party is off to a start 🎉, hopefully we'll see some amazing Atari Lynx demos come out of it this year!
Nov 1 2018
Yet another new Atari Lynx game! Sylvester the Lumberjack 🌲💪 will be released on the eJagFest version of Shaken, Not Stirred cart
Oct 28 2018
The new Atari Lynx game, Unseen is now available for pre-order from Luchs Soft
Oct 28 2018
A number of screenshots for several unreleased Atari Lynx games have been recovered from Harry Dodgson's old website. 🖼
Oct 25 2018
A new game called Grime 6502 is coming to Atari Lynx this Christmas season! 🤢 Battle disgusting mold to save your town!
Oct 22 2018
PAX AUS starts this Friday and there are still some tickets left! 🎮 Some Lynxers are coming too!
Oct 19 2018
Nomad Studios announced that Wyvern Tales will be for sale at the upcoming eJagFest 2018 🐉⚔️ ...and there's a promotional game for Atari Lynx coming out at the same time!
Oct 18 2018
Songbird Productions made a limited time offer available for their re-released curved lip carts - enter "NO CASES" to get a $15 discount on International shipping! 💸 Your games will be sent without CD Jewel cases but will have CD inserts and instructions.
Oct 17 2018
All of the games by 'Cooper', a French home brew developer have been added to the game database and are playable online!
Oct 15 2018
A new space shooter game for Atari Lynx has been announced - Captain Harlynx. 🚀 This one looks quite amazing!
Oct 15 2018
After 12 months of waiting there's been an update on the upcoming Atari Lynx game - 'Dama', it's not finished yet but the project is not dead!
Oct 13 2018
The new curved lip re-releases of Songbird Productions games are now available for purchase
Oct 7 2018
There's a competition running over at AtariAge forums where you can win a copy of Shaken, not stirred 🎯
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