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A SD/Flash cart allows you to play ROMs on your Atari Lynx simply by copying them onto an SD card and then loading that ROM from the menu loader on one of these special cartridges. It's basically an Everdrive for Atari Lynx. There are two different products out right now that let you do this, be sure to read our review of both - RetroHQ Lynx GameDrive and BennVenn's ElCheapoSD Cartridge Review for Atari Lynx.

There are other mods you can do to your Lynx, see more here - Atari Lynx Hardware Mods.

Below are the details of these SD/Flash carts and a summary of their features.


  RetroHQ Lynx GD (GameDrive) BennVenn ElCheapoSD
Lynx 1 SupportYesYes
Lynx 2 SupportYesYes
ComLynx SupportYesYes
ShellSLS 3D PrintedInjection Moulded
SD Card IncludedNoNo
SD Card Click MechanismYesYes
SD Card PositionLeftCenter
Requires Firmware DownloadYesYes
Menu/ROM LoaderAdvancedDefault basic, with an enhanced Atari Gamer version available for download.
Has 3rd party ROM loader menuNoYes
Missing SD Card PromptYesYes
File System SupportFAT16, FAT32FAT32
Directory/Folder SupportYesYes, with updated firmware
Long File Name SupportYes, with scrollingYes, with updated firmware
Last ROM MemoryYesYes, with updated firmware
Game Trainer/CheatsYesNo
Game Preview Image SupportYesYes, with updated firmware
Instant BootYesYes
ROM Load SpeedFastFast
EEPROM SavesYes, allYes, 93C46 only (most cartridges use this EEPROM)
Max ROM Size512K512K
SD Card Programming APIYesNo
Printed ManualYes, 10 page glossyNo
Cartridge LabelYes, while silkscreen directly on PCBOptional, in multiple colours.
Support ForumYesYes
Designed InUKAustralia

SD Cartridges🕸

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