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Homebrew developers don't always care to release games with professional packaging, or sometimes with any packaging at all. There have been a variety of different non-standard packages and cartridge types used for these. External presentation isn't everything and there are some great games to be found here.
While exploring be sure to check out all of the categories - New Releases, Official Games, Professional Homebrews, Homebrew Games and ROM-only Homebrews. This is a condensed list that is not showing variants, to see the full listing of Atari Lynx titles, check out the game database.
There are a total of 40 recorded titles in this category.
Genre: SportsDeveloper: DuranikPublisher: DuranikPlayers: 1Rarity: 81
Alpine Games
Genre: Compilation/VariousYear: 2020Developer: DuranikPublisher: Songbird ProductionsPlayers: 1
Alpine Games Bonus Card
Genre: Visual NovelYear: 2017Developer: Karri KaksonenPublisher: White LynxPlayers: 1Rarity: 22
Always winter, never Christmas
Genre: ActionYear: 2018Developer: TelegamesPublisher: TelegamesPlayers: 1Rarity: 55
Bubble Trouble
Genre: RacingYear: 2018Developer: Carl Forhan & Lucien KleijkersPublisher: Songbird ProductionsPlayers: 1 - 4Rarity: 48
Championship Rally
Genre: PuzzleYear: 2018Developer: Ken Beckett & Carl ForhanPublisher: Songbird ProductionsPlayers: 1Rarity: 50
Crystal Mines II : Buried Treasure
Genre: PuzzleYear: 2000Developer: Serious CyberneticsPublisher: Songbird ProductionsPlayers: 1Rarity: 45
Crystal Mines II : Buried Treasure Expansion CD
Genre: FPS/AdventureYear: 2018Developer: Carl ForhanPublisher: Songbird ProductionsPlayers: 1Rarity: 53
Cyber Virus
Genre: FPS/AdventureYear: 2020Developer: Carl ForhanPublisher: Songbird ProductionsPlayers: 1
Cyber Virus Lost Missions
Genre: FPS/AdventureYear: 2001Developer: Carl ForhanPublisher: Songbird ProductionsPlayers: 1Rarity: 54
Cyber Virus: CinciClassic Edition
Genre: PrankYear: 2012Developer: RygarPlayers: 0
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Death Cartridge
Genre: RPGYear: 1993Developer: NuFXPublisher: AtariPlayers: 1Rarity: 86
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Eye of the Beholder
Genre: PlatformYear: 2018Developer: Steve MitchellPublisher: TelegamesPlayers: 1Rarity: 61
Fat Bobby
Genre: ArcadeYear: 2017Developer: tonmaPublisher: White LynxPlayers: 1Rarity: 20
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Flappy Bird
Genre: PlatformYear: 2010Developer: Lore DesignPublisher: Beta Phase GamesPlayers: 1Rarity: 90
Genre: RacingYear: 2018Developer: AtariPublisher: TelegamesPlayers: 1 - 4Rarity: 61
Genre: PuzzleYear: 2018Developer: ShadowsoftPublisher: Songbird ProductionsPlayers: 1Rarity: 47
Genre: PuzzleYear: 2018Developer: Hand Made SoftwarePublisher: Songbird ProductionsPlayers: 1 - 2Rarity: 38
Genre: PuzzleYear: 1999Developer: Harry DodgsonPlayers: 1 - 2Rarity: 77
Lynx Othello
Genre: StrategyYear: 2009Developer: MatashenPublisher: Hexgames.dePlayers: 1Rarity: 50
Genre: RacingYear: 1993Developer: Digital ImagePlayers: 1Rarity: 60
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Marlboro Man
Genre: Training/EducationYear: 1994Developer: Bastian SchickPublisher: Deutsches VPi TeamPlayers: 1Rarity: 50
P.I.T.S. Driving School
Genre: Cards / CasinoYear: 2010Developer: Team JaguarPublisher: Team JaguarPlayers: 1Rarity: 95
Genre: Cards/PuzzleYear: 2003Developer: Markus WuehlPublisher: MW SoftwarePlayers: 1Rarity: 75
Genre: Arcade/SportsYear: 2018Developer: Carl ForhanPublisher: Songbird ProductionsPlayers: 1 - 2Rarity: 45
Genre: ArcadeYear: 1992Developer: AtariPlayers: 1Rarity: 70
Genre: ShooterYear: 2018Developer: BlueSky SoftwarePublisher: TelegamesPlayers: 1 - 2Rarity: 61
Genre: ArcadeYear: 2017Developer: Sampo RintanenPublisher: White LynxPlayers: 1Rarity: 22
Reiko's Robot Run
Genre: SportYear: 2010Developer: Team JaguarPublisher: Buddybuddies and JimmyCDiPlayers: 1 - 2Rarity: 70
Relief Pitcher
Genre: Space ShooterYear: 2018Developer: Songbird ProductionsPublisher: Songbird ProductionsPlayers: 1Rarity: 51
Remnant Planar Wars 3D
Genre: PuzzleDeveloper: N/APlayers: 1 - 2
Genre: MixedYear: 1998Developer: Bastian Schick & Matthias DominPlayers: 1 - 2Rarity: 63
Genre: Action/AdventureYear: 2014Developer: Karri KaksonenPublisher: White LynxPlayers: 1
Shaken, not stirred
Genre: PuzzleYear: 1999Developer: Markus WuehlPublisher: MW SoftwarePlayers: 1Rarity: 70
Genre: Cards/StrategyYear: 2009Developer: Karri KaksonenPublisher: White LynxPlayers: 1Rarity: 75
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Genre: PuzzleYear: 1993Developer: Bastian SchickPlayers: 1 - 8Rarity: 64
Genre: Tetris/BlocksYear: 2018Developer: Yami Kawai-i Studio (Bjรถrn Spruck)Players: 1
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Genre: PuzzleYear: 2019Developer: Nop90Publisher: RetroguruPlayers: 1
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Xump - The Final Run
Genre: PuzzleYear: 2015Developer: FadestPublisher: Bernd Thomas (LynxMan)Players: 1Rarity: 88
Yastuna Volume 1 - The Alchemy of Cubes
Genre: Compilation/VariousYear: 2015Developer: FadestPublisher: Bernd Thomas (LynxMan)Players: 1Rarity: 88
Yastuna Volume 2 - The Space Incident
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