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The Atari Lynx Console was already impressive enough when it came out back in 1989, but that did not mean that it couldn't be improved upon. In the years since there have been numerous mods, updates and replacements created for the handheld. This page attempts to capture them all.

This is a work in progress page and will be updated as more information becomes available. If you have some corrections or updates to share, please get in contact and let us know.

SD Flash Cartridges🕸

RetroHQ Lynx GameDrive (GD) Cartridge and BennVenn's ElCheapoSD for Atari Lynx are the main SD/Flash cartridges that are available for Atari Lynx. Both make use of a micro-SD card that you can copy your ROMs to. There is a ROM launcher menu and load times are quick in both cases.

See our comparison of the two cartridges here - SD/Flash Carts for Atari Lynx.

LCD Screen Replacements🕸

There are two LCD screen replacements available for Atari Lynx. The original McWill Kit, which has VGA output option, and the new and cheaper BennVenn Kit without VGA output.

See our comparison of the two LCD replacement mods here - LCD Replacement Mod Kits for Atari Lynx.

Capacitor Replacement / ReCapping🕸

Given that the Lynx is quite an old console and electrolytic capacitors tend to fail after some time, it is always a great idea to replace these capacitors with new, fresh ones. This is a must-do mod for any Lynx console, especially if it is showing issues with the display or has low speaker volume.

Where to get - Atari Gamer shop

Cost - Around $5.95 USD + shipping

Interactive Capacitor Map and Lists

MOSFET/Zenner Diode Voltage Regulator Rebuild🕸

The voltage regulation circuit in the Lynx can fail and unfortunately the original parts are no longer available. This mod replaces the original parts with modern equivalents. This will keep the Lynx operating at 7-9V input voltage, as shipped.

Where to get - Atari Gamer shop

Cost - $2.95 USD + shipping

NiMh Charge Kit🕸

Add the ability to charge NiMh AA batteries directly in your Atari Lynx while playing games (or when your Lynx is off). This kit will enable your Lynx to use NiMh cells (Eneloop, Varta, etc) which you never have to remove from the console again.

Where to get - Atari Gamer shop

Cost - $19.95 USD + shipping

New Replacement Parts🕸

Some parts just need to be replaced. These are new designs and/or reproductions of the original Lynx parts. We sell a number of these in our store here. Below is a list of other places you can find replacement parts for your Lynx.

LED Backlight Replacement🕸

The standard CFL tube used as a backlight in the Lynx is a battery hog, replacing it with an LED alternative will double the battery life and will reduce operating temperature of the console. This kit retains the original screen. It is designed for the Sega Gamegear but will work on an Atari Lynx.

Where to get - Hand-Held Legend

Cost - $9.99 USD + shipping. Volume discounts available 3+ 10% off, 5+ 15% off and 10+ 20% off

24Mhz Overclock🕸

Some games on the Lynx run very slow e.g. Hard Drivin', this mod speeds up the Lynx by 50% so that these games become more playable. It is also possible to use different crystals like a 20Mhz crystal to get a 25% boost.


Lynx Model I Repaint / Paint Chipping Touch Up🕸

Lynx Model I is prone to getting paint chips which makes it look quite nasty and aged. This mod is to restore the Lynx to it's new condition my using a mixture of paints to cover the affected areas.

Forum Post

Improved Speaker🕸

The speaker in the Lynx is OK but it could do with an upgrade. This mod does just that. It doesn't add stereo to the console's speaker but improves the quality of the built-in sound.

Where to get - Best Electronics or any local electronics shop should have similar speakers.

Cost - $12.50 USD + shipping, $10 when ordering 5+

Installation Instructions

ComLynx to USB Cable🕸

This mod is aimed at developers who want to connect their Lynx to a computer for testing multiplayer capable games.

Build Instructions

Remove Cartridge without Power Down🕸

This mod is aimed at developers - used to bootstrap with one cartridge and switch to another while the Lynx is still on. The first cartridge has the bootstrapping program which is loaded.

Simply connect pins 31 and 33 on the cartridge slot inside the Lynx to make this work.

Motion Sensor🕸

Add left/right motion sensing to the Lynx with the use of two Mercury switches wired into the D-pad left/right buttons. Created by Rygar from AtariAge Forums.

YouTube Video (French)

External Controller🕸

Use an external controller with the Atari Lynx. Created by ATLynxer from AtariAge Forums.

Forum Thread
YouTube Video

Wireless ComLynx Prototype🕸

Attempt to make the ComLynx work over wireless I/R.

Forum Thread
Atari Gamer page

OBSOLETE - RetroHQ Lynx SD Cartridge🕸

Not strictly a mod you have to do yourself, it's really just a cartridge you plug into your Lynx. The Lynx SD allows you to play ROMs from an SD card. Atari Gamer has released new firmware for the Lynx SD to make it easier to use - Introducing Lynx SD Menu Loader version 2. You can also print out and make a custom box for it in the style of Lynx game boxes.

Where to get - Order from the RetroHQ Online Shop.

Cost - ~£70 (when in stock).

If you're not having luck with the Online Shop, head over to this discussion thread on AtariAge and post a comment expressing your interest.

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