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The Atari Lynx Console was already impressive enough when it came out back in 1989, but that did not mean that it couldn't be improved upon. In the years since there have been numerous mods, updates and replacements created for the handheld. This page attempts to capture them all.

This is a work in progress page and will be updated as more information becomes available. If you have some corrections or updates to share, please get in contact and let me know.

You can jump down to each of the mods using the links below...

Capacitor Replacement / ReCapping
Given that the Lynx is quite an old console and electrolytic capacitors tend to fail after some time, it is always a great idea to replace these capacitors with new, fresh ones. This is a must-do mod for any Lynx console, especially if it is showing issues with the display or has low speaker volume.

Where to get - various sellers on eBay or from a local electronics shop.

Cost - Around $10 USD mark.

Capacitor Kit Picking List
Installation Instructions

LED Backlight Replacement
The standard CFL tube used as a backlight in the Lynx is a battery hog, replacing it with an LED alternative will double the battery life and will reduce operating temperature of the console. This kit retains the original screen. It is designed for the Sega Gamegear but will work on an Atari Lynx.

Where to get - Hand-Held Legend

Cost - $9.99 USD + shipping. Volume discounts available 3+ 10% off, 5+ 15% off and 10+ 20% off

Improved Speaker
The speaker in the Lynx is OK but it could do with an upgrade. This mod does just that. It doesn't add stereo to the console's speaker but improves the quality of the built-in sound.

Where to get - Best Electronics or any local electronics shop should have similar speakers.

Cost - $12.50 USD + shipping, $10 when ordering 5+

Installation Instructions

McWill LCD Screen and VGA Output
This mod replaces the standard Lynx screen with a modern LCD version. There is also an option to add a VGA output if desired, which requires cutting into the Lynx case. The mod requires good soldering skills if installing it yourself or can be installed for you at an additional cost.

Where to get - Send a message to McWill from AtariAge or email him on order−lynx−

Cost - Usually each mod kit cost 95 EUR plus shipping cost. Shipping cost within Europe is 15 EUR and all other countries 20 EUR. If you want 3-5 mod kits each 87 EUR, 6-10 mod kits each 82 EUR plus 35 EUR shipping cost.

Forum Post
Installation instructions

MOSFET/Zenner Diode Voltage Regulator Rebuild
The voltage regulation circuit in the Lynx can fail and unfortunately the original parts are no longer available. This mod replaces the original parts with modern equivalents. This will keep the Lynx operating at 7-9V input voltage, as shipped.

Where to get - Console 5

Cost - $1.95 USD + shipping

Forum Post

5V USB Power
Instead of running your Lynx with the standard 9V power brick it is possible to use a standard USB power bank or a USB power supply that runs at 5V.

Forum Post
YouTube Video

LIPO Rechargeable Battery
Instead of using AA batteries, this mod uses a LIPO rechargeable battery to power your Lynx.

Forum Post

Inductive Charging for Rechargeable Battery
This mode was mentioned on the Atari Lynx Fans Facebook Page but no further details are available yet.

24Mhz Overclock
Some games on the Lynx run very slow e.g. Hard Drivin', this mod speeds up the Lynx by 50% so that these games become more playable. It is also possible to use different crystals like a 20Mhz crystal to get a 25% boost.


ComLynx to USB Cable
This mod is aimed at developers who want to connect their Lynx to a computer for testing multiplayer capable games.

Build Instructions

Lynx Model I Repaint / Paint Chipping Touch Up
Lynx Model I is prone to getting paint chips which makes it look quite nasty and aged. This mod is to restore the Lynx to it's new condition my using a mixture of paints to cover the affected areas.

Forum Post

Bluetooth Audio
You can use headphones with the Lynx but Bluetooth wireless headphones are just so much better. This mod adds wireless audio connectivity to the Lynx. Created by Rygar from AtariAge Forums.

YouTube Video (French)

Remove Cartridge without Power DownThis mod is aimed at developers - used to bootstrap with one cartridge and switch to another while the Lynx is still on. The first cartridge has the bootstrapping program which is loaded.

Simply connect pins 31 and 33 on the cartridge slot inside the Lynx to make this work.

Motion Sensor
Add left/right motion sensing to the Lynx with the use of two Mercury switches wired into the D-pad left/right buttons. Created by Rygar from AtariAge Forums.

YouTube Video (French)

External Controller
Use an external controller with the Atari Lynx. Created by ATLynxer from AtariAge Forums.

Forum Thread
YouTube Video

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