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Jan 25 2020
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Jan 28 2020 - The new Lynx GameDrive cart now supports EEPROM save game data!
Have you been following the upcoming Lynx GD cart development? Well James from RetroHQ has a new bombshell feature update, check it out - The new Lynx GameDrive cart now supports EEPROM save game data! . This is a feature used in many homebrew games and a welcome addition to the GameDrive! EEPROM images are saved back to your memory card along with the game.
Jan 18 2020 - BennVenn is back after Australian bush fires and Atari Lynx kits will be back in stock soon
BennVenn was able to return to his property with the Australian bush fire risk lowered. From BennVenn - Our GameGear and Lynx LCD kits have been sitting in storage since late last year, we'll get them out and begin testing and adding to the store. We still need to finish up the 3d frame for the GameGear before we can list them.
Jan 5 2020 - Project Argon at CES 2020
Project Argon (an all new Atari Lynx and other retro consoles emulator on Android) by Mark/Space, one of the sponsors of the Atari Lynx 30th Birthday Celebration is at CES 2020, so go check them out!
Dec 29 2019 - Australian bush fires affecting BennVenn
If you haven't heard, Australia has a serious bush fire situation right now and this is directly impacting BennVenn. This is what BV had to say... Apologies if we don't get to your messages. We expect to be away for some time, until the fire has moved through. We're just hoping the farm, house and office is still here after it passes through!. With luck BV will be back in business and without any damage to their property. Lets hope for some much needed rain.
Dec 19 2019 - Captain Harlynx has a new preview video in time for Christmas
If you've been following the Atari Lynx homebrew scene, you'd be aware of the in-development game called Captain Harlynx. It's a space shooter in an iconic anime art style reminiscent of many Japanese games. In time for Christmas, there is a new preview video that shows of some new animations and what appears to be the beginning of in-game cut scenes. It looks quite a lot more playable now, very cool! Watch the video here.
Dec 17 2019 - More updates to Sillyventure 2k19 games and demos
There have been more updates to the games and demos from the Sillyventure 2k19 programming competition. The Devil's Show and No Time have had their preview videos updated and both Fishing for Atari and SillySis have final downloadable ROMs now.
Dec 16 2019 - Blast Annual 2020 website has launched
Here's an update from the Blast Annual 2020 team - BLAST ANNUAL 2020 UPDATE: We now have a website. Link is here. Its a bit of a work in progress atm. I have not set up banking details as yet been too busy but will strive to get the banking details sorted soon so that we can set up pre orders and purchases for other items when they become available.
Dec 15 2019 - Project Argon a new Atari Lynx and Vectrex emulator now works on Chromebook
From the developers of Project Argon, Mark/Space, here's a small update on the progress they've been making...A bit more work to do, but was super pleased we got this working today... We first tried a few months back, and now that we re-did the UI, it finally worked on Chromebook as well. This emulator is in closed alpha at the moment, if you want updates as well as a chance to participate in the developer beta, go to their website and subscribe to the mailing list.
Dec 10 2019 - Silas Adventure and Bastion ROMs now downloadable, No Time demo video posted
We published screenshots and online playable versions of the Sillyventure 2k19 Atari Lynx games and demos not long ago, well a few developers contacted us to say their ROMs can be made available to download. So you can now download Bastion and Silas Adventure. Plus now the video of the No Time demo is available, it's really worth a watch!
Dec 8 2019 - Bastion - an amazing new 3D engine demo for Atari Lynx
Bastian is an amazing new 3D engine demo for Atari Lynx. This demo was presented during Sillyventure2k19 programming contest and it's something you have to see to believe. The demo shows off a full 3D environment on an Atari Lynx. It has amazing chiptune music and some awesome high colour pixel art thrown in too. Go check it out.
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