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Mar 21 2019
Championship Rally
Mar 22 2019
The upcoming Lynx LCD mod from Benn Venn is making progress. BV has shared a photo with Atari Gamer showing the unpopulated prototype board. This still needs all components installed and all the programming done, but it is a sign of visible progress! 👾 These boards are universal and cover all of GameGear, Lynx, and NGPC.
Mar 12 2019
Songbird Productions is having a sale on select Lynx and Jaguar games. Several titles have been discounted by $10. Sale will end Friday this week. 🤑
Mar 6 2019
MegaPak Vol. 1 has been re-released on a curved lip 3D printed cartridge now and is available for purchase from Songbird Productions. The price is $59.95 USD.
Feb 27 2019
If you've been on the preorder list for the Lynx SD you'll be happy to hear this, SainT from RetroHQ has confirmed that he'll be producing more units over the next several days and will most likely start shipping them in early March. 🕹 If the new Menu Loader 2 is ready in time, these units will be shipped with the updated firmware too.
Feb 24 2019
Biniax a matching puzzle game that's gained quite a bit of popularity in the recent years has been ported to Atari Lynx. 🕹 This version has been in development for a while and now the final version is available. You can play it online here or download the ROM.
Feb 20 2019
Atari Gamer has spoken with Songbird Productions about the re-release of MegaPak Volume 1 and it's confirmed that it will be coming out as an initial limited-run of 25 carts. The carts will be 3D printed curved lip versions. It will have updated cover art and a professionally printed eight-panel fold out manual. Expected price is $59.95USD.
Feb 18 2019
Due to the popularity of the Captain Harlynx article yesterday, the developer has asked Atari Gamer to publish the updated gameplay preview video 🚀🕹 Go on check it out!
Feb 17 2019
Atari Gamer is working on a new version of the Lynx SD menu loader. It will feature a new user interface and several improvements over the default loader.
Feb 7 2019
The Atari Lynx games collection tracker over at Atari Gamer has been updated with additional stats and a small facelift. Have you started tracking your collection yet?
Feb 6 2019
Benn Venn is known for his Gameboy mods but now he's delving into the world of Atari Lynx with his announcement of a LCD replacement mod. The mod will cost about half the price of the currently popular McWill LCD kit. 🤑 Atari Gamer has spoken to Benn and he said to keep an eye out soon for further updates.
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