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Oct 14 2019
Power draw inefficiencies measured for the Atari Lynx McWill mod
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Oct 16 2019 - The Atari Times website is back online
The Atari Times website has been down for quite some time, but no more! Atari Gamer has reached out to Gregory D. George and he was able to fix everything and restore all the articles and information. It's great to see this resource available again!
Oct 16 2019 - Analogue Pocket is a a new all-in-one retro gaming portable

Analogue have announced the Pocket. It's definitely something to get for your retro gaming! You will need to get an additional adapter for Atari Lynx cartridges though. Check out what they had to say -

A multi-video-game-system portable handheld. A digital audio workstation with a built-in synthesizer and sequencer. A tribute to portable gaming. Out of the box, Pocket is compatible with the 2,780+ Game Boy, Game Boy Color & Game Boy Advance game cartridge library. Pocket works with cartridge adapters for other handheld systems, too. Like Game Gear. Neo Geo Pocket Color. Atari Lynx & more. Completely engineered in two FPGAs. No emulation.

Oct 8 2019 - Another Atari Lynx video from the New Retro Show showing off 30th Birthday Games
We're still Celebrating Atari Lynx 30th Birthday and The New Retro Show has published another excellent video showing Mike playing some of the games from the 30th Birthday Programming Competition. So if you want to see these games in action and see Mike get stuck and then find his way out (not to your heart!) then head on over to YouTube and watch the video.
Oct 5 2019 - White Lynx productions game jukeboxes all done in time for PRGE
We noted a couple of weeks ago that White Lynx Productions will be at this year's PRGE. Well that hasn't changed, but Karri has now confirmed that he's finished the jukeboxes that he'll be exhibiting. These will have all of the games from the 30th Birthday celebrations on them. You will also be able to purchase a copy of On Duty.
Oct 5 2019 - Prizes for Sillyventure 2k19 Atari Lynx programming competition revealed
We've talked about the Sillyventure 2k19 Atari Lynx programming competition already and we knew back then that there will be some amazing prizes in store, well they've now been revealed and boy do they look good! Time to get coding!
Oct 3 2019 - Best and Worst games for Atari Lynx (corrected)
We've made a mistake! In our best and worst rated Atari Lynx games article we erroneously stated that Zaku was the best voted game, lack of sleep consumed us it seems! However our keen readers pointed out that it is in fact Lemmings that is the winner! Apologies about that! 😅
Oct 2 2019 - Here's where to find all the Atari Lynx 30th Birthday Programming Competition games at PRGE
If you're going to be at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo (October 18-20) and want to play all of the games from Atari Gamer's Atari Lynx 30th Birthday Programming Competition, come to booth number 101, it's the Mark/Space booth and we'll have a number of physical Lynx systems to play with, as well as emulation on Android devices.
Sep 28 2019 - Lynx SD Slim is showing signs of being a working product
We saw that the Lynx SD Slim shells were revealed not long ago, well now we can see some of its electronics too! From James (RetroHQ) - "Change of scenery today! The Lynx SD Slim is now reading the SD card and accessing SRAM correctly now."
Sep 25 2019 - Meet White Lynx Productions at this year's PRGE
White Lynx Productions will be attending PRGE this year and you can meet the guy behind it all, Karri Kaksonen at the booth in the "Exhibitor Annex" next to the "Epic Gaming Competitive Arena". Karri will have some of the White Lynx produced games for sale and you will be able to play many games on his actual white Atari Lynx and via emulation.
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