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(Left) Lynx Model 1 - (Right) Lynx Model 2
  • Atari Lynx Specifications
  • Brief History of the Lynx
  • Lynx Hardware Accessories
  • Console Boxes
  • Lynx Emulation
  • Additional Hardware Details
  • Lynx Components Pinouts
  • Lynx Motherboard Revisions
  • Modding and Repair🕸

    Lynx Dead or Alive TestDo this before turning your Lynx on unless MOSFET and Zener were replaced!

    Disassembly: Electronics:
    Replacing Parts: Modifications:

    You can do all these mods and repairs yourself with some soldering experience or contact one of the modders from this list.

    Modern LCD Replacements🕸

    (Left) Original Lynx 1 CF Tube LCD - (Right) BennVenn IPS LCD

    Original Lynx screens are known for poor colour quality and bad viewing angles, and if you're lucky your's doesn't have any pixel rot. For best gaming experience, a modern LCD screen is a must. Check out our Comparison of LCD Screen Replacements before you buy.

    SD/Flash Cartridges🕸

    (Left) RetroHQ Game Drive - (Right) BennVenn ElCheapoSD

    With an SD/Flash Cartridge you can play all of the available Lynx ROMs, as well as homebrew games and demos. Check out our Comparison of current SD/Flash Carts before you buy.

    If you're interested in some historic versions of flash carts, we have articles on these too - AgaCart and Best of Lynx Flash Carts available up to 2019.

    Online Shop🕸

    Shop Support and Installation GuidesPlease check here if you have any issues or questions

  • Atari Lynx Homebrew Games
  • Capacitor, Power Circuit and NiMh kits
  • Replacement and Reproduction Parts

  • Full Online Shop...
  • LCD Mods Kits and Parts
  • SD/Flash Carts and Accessories
  • Game Database🕸

  • Game Database
  • List of all 71 Official Lynx Games
  • Cheats and Tips
  • Game Reviews
  • Weekly Featured Games
  • Collection Tracker
  • Vote for Best Atari Lynx Games

  • Explore: New Releases
  • Explore: Professional Homebrews
  • Explore: Homebrew Games
  • Explore: ROM-only Homebrews
  • New vs Old Telegrams Releases
  • April Fools' Joke Games

  • Lynx Handycasts
  • Homebrew Highlights

  • California Games BMX Map
  • Gates of Zendocon Universe Map
  • Slime World Level Maps
  • Events🕸

  • Lynx Around the World
  • 4th Annual Atari Homebrew Awards

  • Other events...
  • Let's Make Something Scary
  • LynXmas 2020
  • Lynx 2020 Programming Competition
  • Magazines and Promotional Content🕸

  • Atari Entertainment Magazines
  • Lynx User Magazines

  • Lynx Promotional Items
  • Lynx TV Commercials
  • Lapel Pins
  • Lapel Pin Coffret

  • Official Atari Lynx Club
  • Miscellaneous🕸

  • Articles by Atari Gamer
  • Lynx Desktop Wallpaper
  • Atari Lynx Discussion Forum
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  • Game Development🕸

  • Beta Test Utility
  • Lynx Palette Generator
  • LNX 2 LYX ROM Converter
  • LYX ROM Converter
  • LNX Header Generator
  • Lynx Developer Wiki

  • LGSS
  • Annual Game Jam/Programming Competition
  • Making a homebrew Lynx cartridge
  • Lynx Cart Reader/Writer Raspberry Pi 'HAT'

  • Atari Lynx Programming Forum
  • Game Jam ROM Pack Downloads
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