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Jun 18 2019
Making a 7-segment number font to use with CC65 for Atari Lynx games
Jun 20 2019
Todd's Adventures in Slime World has a number of episodes. Jon Mc has covered the first episode a few weeks back, now he is back with a walkthrough for Episode 2, check it out!
Jun 13 2019
He's at it again, Jon Mc has another Atari Lynx game walkthrough video and this time it's on Joust. So head on over to his YouTube channel and check it out - JON MC Atari Lynx 'Joust' Mini Guide - How to Joust & Defeat the Pterodactyl!
Jun 12 2019
You've probably seen the Atari Lynx cartridge reader/writer/programmer board. It needs a Raspberry Pi to work and now you can get a Lynx themed case for it. The STL files have been made available on Thingiverse, so go and check them out.
Jun 11 2019
Super Skweek is a cute game, but boy is it challenging! Jon Mc has put up a walkthrough video for the first 5 levels, so go on and check it out over on YouTube!
Jun 5 2019
When Benn Venn first announced his Atari Lynx LCD mod kit, it was only meant to work with the Model 2 Lynx, but now with a firmware update, the kit will also work with a Model 1. Great news!
Jun 4 2019
Another lot of three Atari Lynx boxes for Songbird Productions games have been revealed. These are for Loops, Championship Rally and SFX. They look amazing!
Jun 3 2019
If you haven't played Reiko's Robot Run for Atari Lynx, you should, it's a great homebrew game. Jon Mc has put out a walkthrough video so go on and check that out too!
Jun 3 2019
Another video from Jon Mc has landed! This one is a walkthrough of the Atari Lynx game "Todd's Adventures in Slime World". Jon covers the first level of the game. Check it out on YouTube now!.
May 31 2019
Jon Mc, the Atari Gamer resident game reviewer and top guest contributor has started a new channel where he does Atari Lynx game walkthroughs. The first episode is for Switchblade II. You can check it out on YouTube now!
May 29 2019
Not long ago Songbird Productions has announced their plans to make great looking boxes for all of their Atari Lynx games. Today we have more preview images of what these boxes would look like. Don't forget to vote for whether you want these on the AtariAge forums.

Also Songbird let it slip that a new game for Atari Lynx will be published. What could it be? Perhaps Distant Lands or UltraVore?
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