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Atari produced official Atari Lynx lapel pins for a number of games. These were never officially released in US but did come inside game boxes for a number of French releases. The pins were mostly for released games except for Vindicators, which never saw a release.

Atari France ran a promotion in 1991 that included betting these pins in versus games on the Atari Lynx against your friends. Read more about that promotion here. A limited number of Lapel Pin Coffret / Display Cases were also produced during this period.

There are several categories of collectable pins:

Game Pins
There were 34 game lapel pins in total.

A.P.B. Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure Block Out Blue Lightning California Games
Checkered Flag Chips Challenge Cyberball Electrocop Gates of Zendocon
Gauntlet Hard Drivin' Hockey Ishido Klax
Ms. Pac-Man NFL Football Ninja Gaiden Pac-Land Paperboy
Rampage Road Blasters Robo Squash Rygar S.T.U.N. Runner
Scrapyard Dog Shanghai Slime World Turbo Sub Viking Child
Vindicators Warbirds Xenophobe Zarlor  
Atari Lynx Pins
In addition to the game pins, there were other pins in the official collection. These were 'Atari Lynx' pins. Two variants were produced that looked the same on the front but had different clips on the back.

Lynx Pin Badge (red plastic clip)
Lynx Pin Badge (Butterfly clip)

Luchs Soft Pins
Luchs Soft is a producer and has a nice number of Atari Lynx game releases under their belt. Most of the games come with their own lapel pins too..

Alpine Games eJagfest Slideshow Hanoi Unseen Weltenschl├Ąchter

Other Pins
Other pins that were not part of the official collection but may be of interest were...

Official Australian Atari Lynx Club
Steel Talons

The Steel Talons pin was not a Lynx pin, it was based on the original arcade game. There was no Lynx logo anywhere in the pin, only a mention to Atari Corporation, which was the branch of Atari in charge of arcade cabinets at that time. Thanks to Juan for this bit of history.

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