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The Lynx Gaming Sharing System (LGSS) was developed by Harry Dodgson. This system allowed a game cartridge to be shared between multiple Lynx systems via a ComLynx connection. Specifications for LGSS have been published in the past but are not longer available.

To get LGSS to work, a game that supported it was required, then in addition a special LGSS cartridge was also required on every other Lynx system that was connected via ComLynx and wanted to share the game. Here is how it worked:

  1. Turn on the Lynx console with an LGSS compatible game cartridge
  2. Turn on the second Lynx console with an LGSS cartridge
  3. Wait until both cartridges have booted
  4. Connect both Lynx consoles via ComLynx
  5. Follow in-game directions to transfer the LGSS compatible game over ComLynx to the second Lynx
  6. The second Lynx can now play the game that was transferred to it

The only game that supported LGSS was a homebrew title, Lynx Othello.

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