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Hello! Welcome to our programming competitions page! This is a regular contest that Atari Gamer holds to encourage new game development for Atari Lynx. Usually this is a yearly, multi-month, sponsored, online, event with amazing prizes and equally amazing game entries. We will also, from time to time, will put on shorter events, 'just for fun'.

If you're interested in making a game or demo for the Atari Lynx, enter one of our competitions and show off your skills! If you would like to sponsor a future contest, please get in contact.

Be sure to check out our page on Programming Resources, which will teach you everything from 6502 Assembly programming to Lynx coding in C with CC65. There are also plenty of tools, SDKs and code repositories to help you make your game.

Below is the list of current and past programming competitions that we have ran...

LynXMas 2020🕸

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make an Atari Lynx game within the next 15 days, to have fun and put a smile on players' faces. There are no prizes this time around, it is just for fun and enjoyment and to show off your skills.

Your game must -

  • Have a holiday/festive season theme
  • Be a single screen game, but can have a separate screen for intro, menu, credits, etc.
  • Be less than 32KB (this includes the boot loader)
  • Reference "LynXmas 2020" somewhere in your game e.g. title screen

    Competition details page...

    2020 - Lynx 2020 Programming Competition - Future🕸

    This year's theme is "Future", but that's future with a twist. Think about how the future would have been imagined back in the 1990s when this console was new. Think of the retro movie posters and the games at the time and imagine them 50 years forward. Flying cars, space exploration, living on the moon, visiting other planets, intelligent robots, blasters and mind control, plus many other wonderful things that were yet to come. We're talking about what the 2040s would look like if you were living in the 90s.

    Competition details page...

    2019 - Atari Lynx 30th Birthday Programming Competition🕸

    Atari Lynx turns 30 this year and we here at Atari Gamer are set on making this a birthday to remember. As part of the celebration we've created the best Lynx games voting page and are now introducing the...Atari Lynx 30th Birthday Programming Competition!

    Competition details page...

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