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Programming for the Atari Lynx is simple to learn compared to some of the other retro 16-bit consoles. There are two different routes to take - Assembly or using C for your code. There are a number of supporting tools available to make tasks like image to sprite conversion and MIDI to Lynx sound conversion easier. This page will provide links to resources that are both created by Atari Gamer and those available elsewhere on the Internet to help you get started writing your first games on the Lynx.

This section of Atari Gamer is still work in progress. If you have something to contribute that would be useful here, please contact us.

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Learn C and/or 6502 Assembly🕸

Before jumping into Atari Lynx programming it's essential to learn how to code in C and/or 6502 Assembly. It's possible to create your games completely in one or the other, but understanding both has great advantages. You should also get familiar with the CC65 compiler since that is used for all Lynx programming.

Getting Started with Lynx Programming🕸

Alex Thissen has created an excellent series of tutorials that will get you coding on the Lynx in no time. This should be your #1 starting point once you're familiar with C/Assembly.

If you use macOS skip Part 2 above and read this article instead - Setting up development tools for Atari Lynx programming on macOS.

ChibiAkumas has created an excellent tutorial series, Learn Multi platform 6502 Assembly Programming... For Monsters! If you want to get the most performance out of a Lynx, this is where you should head on over.

Game Development Tricks and Hints🕸

These articles cover some specific topics in game development that could be useful in your own games.

Lynx Documentation🕸

The original Epyx Lynx documentation has been converted to HTML format by Mattias Domin and Bastian Schick in 1996. It's a must read if you want to understand how Atari Lynx works at a deeper level.

You may also want to check out the following:

Development Tools🕸

These tools is what will enable you to compile and link your code. Some will help with image and music conversion. Others are useful time savers.

Development Hardware🕸

This hardware will let you run and test your LNX ROMs. The programmer Pi-Hat will let you create Lynx cartridges similar to official releases.

General Game Programming🕸

All games must follow very similar patterns to work well and instead of inventing your own, head on over to these articles to see how it's done. These will save you loads of time and effort and you'll have a quicker, better looking game.

Useful Code Repositories🕸

These code repositories have sample Atari Lynx code as well as code for supporting tools and utilities.

Hope you found this useful... please read on! All information on Atari Gamer is provided free of charge and we encourage you to share it as you wish. There is a small favour we ask in return however - engage in comments below, provide feedback, and if you see mistakes get in contact and let us know.

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