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When are all the new features coming?

The content on this web site is being rolled out gradually. The aim is to have everything up an running by the end of 2018.

Is the focus really just on Atari Lynx?

Yes! Unlike other sites is 100% dedicated to the Atari Lynx. The aim is to try and preserve and catalogue the history of this amazing console, so making all information digital and available to all is the best way to do that.

Why is the site's name then?

It seemed like a great idea at the time! Maybe eventually the site will expand to covering other Atari consoles.

I have something to contribute, how do I do it?

Contributions are always very welcome! Please get in contact and we'll discuss further details.

There are other similar sites, what makes this one unique?

As mentioned above, many other sites focus on multiple consoles and don't capture as much detail as With a single minded focus on one console, should be the #1 destination for all Atari Lynx related information.

What games are included in game database?

The game database covers all of the official releases for the Atari Lynx, as well as aftermarket, homebrew, prototype and unreleased games. It also covers games in current development.

Some game information is incorrect, how can it be updated?

Please get in contact and provide any corrections, this will then be incorporated into the game database.

What is the small number under the rarity score?

That is the rarity factor count. It shows how many data points have been used to calculate the rarity score. The higher the number (4 or above) the more certain you can be of the rarity score.

Is this site free to use?

The site is 100% free to use and is supported with ads. Donations are always welcome however!

I have something I want to send you

Donations or items of interest related to the Atari Lynx are always welcome, please get in contact and we'll take it from there!

My question hasn't been answered

Please get in contact, your question/comments will be reviewed and answered as appropriate!

Did we get something wrong or you have something to contribute? Please tell us about it!
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