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This is an installation guide for the BennVenn LCD mod kit for Atari Lynx model 1. There are two installation videos available, the first is from BennVenn and the second from Mr Lurch's Things.

This kit is available for purchase from our online shop.

If you're looking for Lynx 2 install guides, see these articles -

Installation Videos🕸

Note: You will need to trim the four grommets that hold the original screen. Do not remove these completely. Do this as a last step when fitting everything together so you can trim them to exact size for your Lynx.

Wiring Connections🕸

Connect the pad from the BennVenn LCD driver board (left) to the Lynx 1 motherboard (right).

BennVenn LCD board padsLynx 1 motherboard pads
CL2LCD Pad 9
D0LCD Pad 18
D1LCD Pad 16
D2LCD Pad 19
D3LCD Pad 17
A1LCD Pad 15
A2LCD Pad 37
A3LCD Pad 60
RESAs per the video
GNDAs per the video
5VAs per the video (We recommend you use heavy gauge wire for 5v and GND so our system protection is still effective)
BacklightMiddle pin of the brightness potentiometer (but we suggest you use the infinite brightness mod in the first video instead)

Garbled Image Fix🕸

Garbled image fix has been moved to the main BennVenn LCD install guides page here.

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