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LCD Mod Kits and Parts

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This mod kit replaces your Lynx's original screen with a modern LCD that presents a sharp, crisp picture. It will also use less power, so you can play on batteries for longer! To extend the life of your Lynx, we recommend that you replace your Lynx's capacitors and power circuit (MOSFET and zener diode) while you're replacing the LCD. We sell Capacitor and Power Circuit Kits to suit both Lynx models.

We offer a modding service and can replace the LCD, capacitors and power circuit in your Lynx for a fee. Please contact us for pricing as each mod is unique.

There are 3 different versions of the LCD kit, so pick one that is suitable for your Lynx. Note - if you have a Lynx Model 2, you should open it first to check what motherboard revision you have. Lynx 2 with the C104129-001 motherboard revision required a different kit compared to the usual model 2.

For install guides check here.

Note: Each kit (both screen and ribbon, where included) is tested in an appropriate Lynx model to ensure they are working prior to shipment. We use this ROM to ensure that your LCD screen has no dead pixels.

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We have an online shop that has lots of Atari Lynx related goodies - including LCD mod kits, flash carts, display stands and other fun things for your Lynx! Check it out here.

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