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The Sillyventure 2k19 party has just concluded but we're only starting to get a taste of what went on and what all the talented programmers, musicians and graphics artists have produced. The Atari Lynx coding contest delivered 3 new demos and 8 new games. This in addition to the Atari Gamer Programming Competition makes for more games than you can easily play in one sitting! It's all in celebration of Atari Lynx 30th Birthday of course!

So strap yourself in and lets see what games and demos were made! These are all (except one) playable in your web browser, just follow the "Play ROM" links. Keep in mind these versions are the "party" versions and further improvements may be made by the developers in the future. The games and demos are listed in winning place order. Enjoy!


Silas' Adventure by KK/Altair

A Wolf3D style dungeon crawler. Slaughter enemies, level up your character, explore the dungeons!

[ Play ROM ]
Mortal Kombat by New Generation (Solo,Laoo,Miker,Tiger)

The classic fighter reproduced in part on Atari Lynx. Punch, kick, uppercut, win. Get over here!

[ Play ROM ]
Odynexus: Journey to Ithaca by LordKraken, Agradeneu, Drozerix

Side scrolling shooter with interesting enemies and super sized bosses. Pew pew!

[ Play ROM ]
Fishing for Atari by Dr. Ludos

Two player on one Lynx game where you're fishing for Atari consoles and computer systems. Catch them all!

[ Play ROM ]
Scroll of the Time Lords - Lovejoy Prologue by Sampo Rintanen

If you like memory puzzles, this will challenge you. Escape each room and avoid enemies and traps. Lights out!

[ Play ROM ]
Lawnmower by OCEO (Nop90, Marss,Glafouk)

Mow the lawn, avoid flowers and other obstacles, don't hurt the moles. Wrrooom!

[ Play ROM ]
Silly Blaster by Fadest, Der Luchs

Two player ComLynx action with a futuristic sports game. Shoot the ball into your opponent's goal.

[ Play ROM ]
SillySis by Karri Kaksonen

Colour matching block game with a homage to classic cartoons. Boop-Oop-a-Doop!

[ Play ROM ]


The Devil's Show by Dentifrice

Watch this demo, we won't spoil it for you!

[ Play ROM ]
No Time by New Generation

Dark, ambient and moody! The ROM for this demo doesn't work in an emulator (yet).

[Play ROM]
Bastion by PriorArt (enthusi, Jackasser, Jammer, Zooperdan, JonEgg, Dawnbringer)

An amazing 3D engine demo that has to be seen to be believed. Mind blowing!

[ Play ROM ]

That's all for now. Have fun Lynxing!

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