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Atari Lynx has turned 30 in 2019 and here at Atari Gamer we're making this into a momentous birthday party! This ahead-of-its-time console is getting a whole lot of presents, so join in with us in celebrations, enjoy all the new games and keep on Lynxing!

If you don't know much about the Atari Lynx, head on over and read about its history, see what accessories are available for it, its various console boxes and finally what mods have been done to it by the community.

Atari Gamer Programming Competition🕸

The Atari Gamer Programming Competition was envisaged so that homebrew developers would bring a handful of new games to the Atari Lynx on its 30th Birthday. Instead, we got eleven new games across all genre styles. The competition was even mentioned over at Engadget.

We had a number of sponsors for the competition and the prize pool was quite impressive!

Gaming Displays

Winners of this competition will be announced at the Mark/Space booth at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo (PRGE) in October 2019. You will also be able to play these games on real hardware at the booth and there will be a couple of extra surprises! Stay tuned!

If you haven't had enough programming or you missed the Atari Gamer programming competition, Sillyventure has their own programming contest running and Atari Lynx is one of the categories. You can check out the details here - sillyventure 2k19 compos.

New Games for Atari Lynx🕸

There are eleven new games for the Atari Lynx to celebrate its 30th Birthday. You can download their ROMs or play them in your web browser using the links below. Don't forget to rate the games and leave a comment in the discussion threads. Your voice will help determine the winners!

by Nop90
by PriorArt
"Find a way to my heart"
by White Lynx Productions
"Growing Ties"
by Dr Ludos
"Lynx Quest"
by New Generation
by Retroguru
"On Duty"
"Sky Raider"
by Team Jum
"The Inside World"
by KrakenDev
by VladR
by Yastuna

ROM Download Package🕸

The complete ROM package is available for download here. Inside you will find all of the original submissions, as well as a directory with converted LYX ROMs for AgaCart and a directory of ROMs and a special launcher to use with the Lynx SD cartridge. Be sure to have a look at the README.txt file for more instructions.

Competition Games Play Video🕸

Get a preview of what some of the games are like to play, The New Retro Show has done an excellent video showing off gameplay for Assembloids, Sky Raider, On Duty and Growing Ties. Check it out below!

Best Atari Lynx Games🕸

We're still compiling data from the Best Lynx Games rating page. Many of you took the time to rate games in the Lynx Game Database, so these results are your voices!

Atari Lynx Wallpaper🕸

Do you love Atari Lynx as much as we do and want to have it all over your devices? Well head on over to the Lynx Wallpaper page and pick from the available wallpapers!

Programming for the Atari Lynx🕸

If you are interested in making games for the Atari Lynx, we have a whole section with resources and information set up over here - Atari Lynx Programming Resources.

Hope you found this useful... please read on! All information on Atari Gamer is provided free of charge and we encourage you to share it as you wish. There is a small favour we ask in return however - engage in comments below, provide feedback, and if you see mistakes get in contact and let us know.

If you want to go a little further to show your appreciation, please check out how you can support Atari Gamer.
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