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Feb 20 2020
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Feb 26 2020 - Project Argon running on an Arcade1Up
We've been following Project Argon, a new retro emulator with focus on Atari Lynx and Vectrex, for some time now. There's been a new teaser shown with Argon running in an Arcade1Up cabinet with a custom control deck. That's looking really neat!
Feb 25 2020 - Lynx GD final shell design has arrived
The Lynx GD is getting closer and closer to release and now we have a preview of what the final cartridge shell will look like. It's much more slick than the previous Lynx SD!
Feb 24 2020 - January releases of two new Atari Lynx games from Songbird have been delayed
Back in October Songbird Productions announced the release of two new games for Atari Lynx. These have been delayed to "Spring 2020" now. We're hoping this date moves forward, but we know all too well the complexities involved in producing games.
Feb 19 2020 - Evercade Announce Atari Lynx Cartridge with 17 games
Evercade is brining an amazing new portable console to the market soon and one of the cartridges that will be available for it is the newly announced Atari Lynx cart. It will feature 17 games from both the Lynx's original game library as well as a number of home-brew projects that were created recently. Here's the full lineup of the games: Scrapyard Dog, Basketbrawl, Super Asteroids / Missile Command, Awesome Golf, Crystal Mines II: Buried Treasure, CyberVirus, Dracula the Undead, Gordo 106, Ishido: The Way of Stones, Jimmy Connors Tennis, Loopz, Malibu Bikini Volleyball, Megapak, Power Factor, Remnant, Super Sqweek, Xump. If we manage to get our hands on one of the sample units, a review will soon follow!
Feb 18 2020 - Unnamed, a graphical adventure game for Atari Lynx back in development
From the creator of Unseen, a text adventure game for Atari Lynx comes a new game called Unnamed. That is not news in itself because this game was announced some time back, what is new is that development on this game has restarted and soon there will be a playable mini-demo released. Are you ready for it?
Feb 17 2020 - 4Ttude ad 3D Tic-Tac-Toe game for Atari Lynx updated with easier CPU opponent
We've noted that 4Ttude has a very difficult to play against CPU opponent, well the developer has listened and made the CPU a little easier to go against. Check it out and see how you fare against details, ROM download link and link to play it online are available at the game information page.
Feb 12 2020 - Final production Lynx GameDrive PCBs ordered, shipping soon
More news on the Lynx GD from SainT... "Final production Lynx GameDrive PCB's ordered in gold ENIG finish for last bit of testing and then CE & FCC certification. Honestly, not long now... 😄".
Feb 10 2020 - Atari Gamer Atari Lynx cartridge reader/writer boards shipping again
If you've been after the Atari Gamer's Atari Lynx cartridge reader/writer/programmer board, you're in luck, we are shipping a small batch of them again! Check the pre-order forum discussion thread here. We'll work on getting extra parts for an additional batch after this.
Jan 30 2020 - BennVenn to release a flash/SD cartridge for Atari Lynx

BennVenn entered the Atari Lynx modding scene last year with his cheap alternative LCD screen mod and now he has his eyes on disrupting the SD/Flash cart market which is currently dominated by the Retro HQ SD Cart and the AgaCart. BennVenn's flash/SD cart is promised to have the following features...

  • Instant ROM load
  • Last loaded ROM memory
  • SD card storage
  • 512Kb SRAM, supporting loading of up to 512Kb Lynx ROMs
  • EEPROM saves (1024 kbit, 128b)
  • Open source MCU protocol (allowing custom menu loaders to be implemented)
  • Upgradeable firmware

    We even have the PCB board prototype layout for it, and yes it includes EEPROM, meaning that game saves will be available for those games that use EEPROM. Unfortunately for games that don't use EEPROM (all official Atari Lynx releases) no save states are planned.

  • Jan 28 2020 - Get your hands on Atari Lynx merchandise from SillyVenture 2k19 party

    Even though SillyVenture 2k19 has wrapped up you can still get your hands on the official Atari Lynx themed merchandise from the party. There are T-Shirts in various sizes (with a message from RJ Mical on the back) and calendars available still. If you're interested send an email to [email protected] Below are the prices, the shipping costs will vary if you're shipping outside of Europe...

    Sv2k19 T-Shirt- 15 EUR + 7 EUR shipping (to Europe)
    Sv2k19 Calendar for 2020 - 8 EUR + 7 EUR shipping (to Europe)

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