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Gauntlet: The Third Encounter

Generations ago an enchanted Star Gem crashed to Earth at the base of an ancient castle. Loathsome creatures crept from the castle and carried the Gem into the depths of the fortress.

All attempts to retrieve the Star Gem failed. The adventurers destroyed.

The creatures in the castle gain magical strength from the Star Gem. Unless the Gem is taken from them, the evil ones will soon have the strength to venture forth and destroy mankind!

You and your friends must take up the quest to rescue the Star Gem...and your world.

1 to 4 players

This Japanese variant of Gauntlet: The Third Encounter came with a colour Japanese language manual and is the only variant to have a ridged style cart.

Sound Effects
Replay Value
Game Information
Rarity48 (8)
ConsoleAtari Lynx
Release Type
Release Date1990 - 04 - 08
Part #PA2024
Pack Type
Players1 on Console, 4 via ComLynx
Screen RotationLeft
Stereo/PanningMono Sound
Lynx SD Save SupportNo
Can be PausedUnknown
Cartridge Information
Cartridge Type
ROM MD5 Hash (headerless)N/A
EEPROM (for save data)No EEPROM
Gauntlet: The Third Encounter - - 1990Rarity: 36
Gauntlet: The Third Encounter - - 1990Rarity: 44
Gauntlet: The Third Encounter - - 1990Rarity: 48
See definitions of Rarity Scores and Release Types.
Related Information
HandycastEpisode 05 - Gauntlet: The Third Encounter 
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External Rarity Information
AtariAge Rarity5 / 10
RarityGuide Rarity77 / 100
External Links
Pricing Information
PriceCharting PricesLoose: $17.97 (USD)
Complete: $10.49 (USD)
New: $39.99 (USD)

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