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4Ttude, a 3D 4x4x4 Tic-Tac-Toe Game.

3D Tic-Tac-Toe is similar in concept to traditional tic-tac-toe but is played in a cubical array of cells, usually 4x4x4. Players take turns placing their markers in blank cells in the array. The first player to achieve four of their own markers in a row wins. The winning row can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal on a single board as in regular tic-tac-toe, or vertically in a column, or a diagonal line through four boards.

To master the game you'll have to learn develop a board situation where placing a mark on the board you create several (two or more) opportunities to make 4 in a row an the next move, so that the opponent can block only one of them. This situation has a name in japanese boarg games: ATARI.

Created by:
  Gisberto Rondinella, last minute GFX additions by Marss


DIRECTIONS KEYS: Navigate menus or move on the board
A KEY: select an option on the menus or place you move during the game
B KEY: access training tools during an unranked game
PAUSE: pause / unpause the game
OPT1: rotate board visualization options (only during a game)
OPT2: rotate musics (during game) and mute unmute it
PAUSE+OPT1: Back to game menu
PAUSE+OPT2: Rotate the screen
OPT1+OPT2: clears the internal EEPRON (only when the game is paused)

Celebrating 30 Years of Atari Lynx

This game was submitted as an entry into the Atari Lynx 30th Birthday Programming Competition.

Sound Effects
Replay Value
Game Information
ConsoleAtari Lynx
Release Type💥 This is a recent release!
Release Date2019 - 09 - 01
Part #N/A
Pack Type
PublisherAtari Gamer
Players2 on Console, 2 via ComLynx
Screen RotationNo
Lynx SD Save SupportYes
Can be PausedYes
Cartridge Information
Cartridge Type
ROM Size98 KiB
ROM MD5 Hash (headerless)N/A
EEPROM (for save data)
See definitions of Rarity Scores and Release Types.
Related Information
Game Reviews4TTUDE, Score: 8.5 By Jon Mc
External Rarity Information
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Pricing Information
Game Media

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