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Capacitor, Power Circuit (MOSFET and Zener) and NiMh Charge Kits
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Our capacitor kits contain high quality electrolytic capacitors to replace the old/leaking capacitors on your Lynx motherboard. We source capacitors from Panasonic, Nichicon, Rubycon and Wurth Elektronik. Each kit contains all of the capacitors required to do a full re-cap of your Lynx. If you're experiencing screen dimness or low volume sound issues, replacing old capacitors may resolve it. See our interactive capacitor maps and picking lists for locations of capacitors that need to be replaced on both the Lynx I and Lynx II models.

Our power circuit rebuild kits contain high quality modern day equivalent components to what the Lynx typically has. These exceed the specification of the original Lynx and will reduce how much power your Lynx uses.

We stock a range of replacement components for the Lynx including power sockets and transistors.

We offer a modding service and can replace the LCD, capacitors and power circuit in your Lynx for a fee. Please contact us for pricing as each mod is unique.

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