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These are interactive maps i.e. placement locations, for electrolytic capacitors on both the Lynx 1 and Lynx 2 models. See this page if you need to know how to read capacitor values - How to Read a Capacitor.

We have complete Lynx I and Lynx II capacitor replacement kits in our shop. If you're looking to re-cap your Lynx, check them out here - Shop - Capacitor Replacement Kits

Note: Some motherboard variants have slightly different placement for capacitors. They should be near enough to be located using these maps above however.

Lynx 1 Capacitor Map🕸

Hover the mouse cursor over the capacitor text to locate it on the Lynx motherboard.

C7 10µF @ 6.3V
C8 1µF @ 50V
C9 47µF @ 6.3V
C10 47µF @ 6.3V
C11 220µF @ 6.3V
C19 2.2µF @ 50V
C20 2.2µF @ 50V
C23 10µF @ 35V
C25 10µF @ 6.3V
C26 10µF @ 6.3V
C29 10µF @ 35V
C38 100µF @ 35V
C39 470µF @ 10V
C42 10µF @ 6.3V
C75 1µF @ 50V
C76 47µF @ 6.3V

Lynx 2 Capacitor Map🕸

Hover the mouse cursor over the capacitor text to locate it on the Lynx motherboard.

C3 10µF @ 6.3V
C11 10µF @ 6.3V
C14 47µF @ 6.3V
C16 1µF @ 50V
C19 47µF @ 6.3V
C21 220µF @ 6.3V
C23 10µF @ 35V
C25 10µF @ 35V
C27 10µF @ 6.3V
C28 10µF @ 6.3V
C32 2.2µF @ 50V
C33 2.2µF @ 50V
C37 1µF @ 50V
C41 470µF @ 10V
C39 100µF @ 35V
C47 1µF @ 50V
C53 47µF @ 6.3V
C58 1µF @ 50V
C60 47µF @ 6.3V
C64 220µF @ 6.3V

Picking Lists🕸

These are the picking lists for replacement capacitors for both Lynx I and Lynx II.

Lynx I

4x 10uf 6.3v
3x 47uf 6.3v
1x 220uf 6.3v
1x 470uf 10v
2x 10uf 35v
1x 100uf 35v
2x 1uf 50v
2x 2.2uf 50v (some Lynx I models have a 63V part but a 50V is more than enough)

Lynx II

4x 10uf 6.3v
4x 47uf 6.3v
2x 220uf 6.3v
1x 470uf 10v
2x 10uf 35v
1x 100uf 35v
4x 1uf 50v
2x 2.2uf 50v
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