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The notorious Criminal Brain has kidnapped the President's daughter. The Criminal Brain's ransom demand is completely unacceptable - total control of the world or the First Daughter dies. You, Electrocop, are the only one capable of rescuing the President's daughter before time runs out. If you fail, the Criminal Brain will assassinate her without pity.

It's up to you to penetrate the Criminal Brain's Steel Complex. Inside you will encounter traps, electrified floors, and hordes of criminal droids. You may also find powerful weapons to help you defeat the enemy.

Computer terminals throughout the complex will help you open doors, relieve stress with video games, or understand the dastardly ways of the evil mastermind. But the computer will not give you the quick reactions and good judgement you will need to survive. For that you must rely on your own abilities.

Do you have what it takes to rescue the President's daughter and serve justice to the world's most evil criminal? Perform your sworn duty as an officer of the law. But remember, this rescue mission is not as straightforward as it sounds.

Sound Effects
Replay Value
Game Information
Rarity41 (7)
ConsoleAtari Lynx
Release Type
Release Date1989
Part #PA2021
Pack Type
Players1 on Console, No ComLynx Support
Screen RotationUnknown
Lynx SD Save SupportNo
Can be PausedUnknown
Cartridge Information
Cartridge Type
ROM MD5 Hash (headerless)N/A
EEPROM (for save data)No EEPROM
Electrocop - - 1989Rarity: 35
Electrocop - - 1989Rarity: 41
Electrocop - - 1989Rarity: 47
Electrocop - - 1989Rarity: 53
Electrocop - - 1989Rarity: 56
Electrocop - - 1989Rarity: 57
Electrocop - - 1989Rarity: 59
Electrocop - - 1989Rarity: 61
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Related Information
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External Rarity Information
AtariAge Rarity5 / 10
RarityGuide Rarity53 / 100
External Links
Pricing Information
PriceCharting PricesLoose: $9.99 (USD)
Complete: $14.99 (USD)
New: $17.2 (USD)

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