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This is a multicart that can play LYX format ROMs. It's named after the creator's daughter.

Technical details:
- support for SD and SDHC cards up to 32GB in the micro standard, 8GB SD card + microSD adapter included in the set
- support for FAT16 and FAT32 file systems
- software upgrade from the SD card (bootloader)
- the ability to enable / disable verification of writing to the SRAM memory
- handling the cart with two buttons, right increases the number of the game by 1, left by 10
- 9 memory cells to remember the most-used or favorite games, so-called Speed ​​Dial
- selection of one of the two methods of card operation:
  1. after starting the console, the cart waits for selecting the number of the game, only after it is selected reads from the SD and writes to the SRAM
  2. when the console is started, the last number of the game that was last used is automatically read from the SD and saved to SRAM
- support for .lyx files in the size of 256k and 512k. The right tools and description for converting files from .lnx and .o and 128k files will be saved on the supplied SD card
- reading from SD and writing to the SRAM memory is indicated by a flashing letter P on the cart display, then the SD card is disconnected from power to save energy
- while rewriting data from SD to SRAM, the console displays a known "Insert Game" message and this is the correct behavior
- error codes shown on the cart display:
  EE means SD card error (no card, bad file system, blank card, damaged card)
  E means file or verification error (no file, wrong file size, wrong file name or extension, write error to SD memory with verification option enabled)
- support for up to 199 files (software restriction due to the display)
- every time you start the console, the card counts the number of files in the root directory of the SD card and does not allow you to choose a number larger than the actual number of files
- SD card structure: one subdirectory of any name MUST be located in the root directory, its contents are ignored by the cart software. You can keep there whatever you want, all the games and demos I have found on the web (converted to .LYX), conversion software and instructions will be stored there. In the main directory of the card MUST be at least one file with the game, otherwise card will report an error. File names MUST be in number.lyx format
Sound Effects
Replay Value
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Game Information🕸

Rarity25 (2)
ConsoleAtari Lynx
Release DateAugust 04   2019
Release Type
Part #N/A
Pack Type
DeveloperRafał Jankowski
PublisherRafał Jankowski
GenreSD Cartridge
Players1 on console
ComLynx SupportUp to 99 players via ComLynx
Screen RotationUnknown
Lynx SD Save SupportNo 
Can be PausedUnknown

Cartridge Information🕸

Cartridge Type
ROM MD5 Hash (headerless)N/A
EEPROM (for save data)No EEPROM

Other Links🕸

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Pricing Information🕸

Other Price$56 (~USD)

Game Media🕸


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