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Back in February this year the I.Basque Tournament for Atari Lynx and Atari 2600 was held. And now, 6 months down the track, the follow up tournament took place. Kudos go out to the organisers in putting this on, especially since we're still in a pandemic situation. It's great to see that the attendants were wearing masks, and more importantly Lynxing it up! Even small events like this keep the Lynx alive! 😻

So now over to the organiser to hear about what went on at the tournament...

On the 26th of August 2021, the Euskal Retro association organized another gaming tournament featuring the Atari Lynx. This time it was called the "I. Bizkaia Tournament of Atary Lynx". Lynx wasn't the only Atari console at the event though, we also played the Atari 2600.

We had 7 participants again, same as back in February, with a number of repeat visitors. We had both consoles running at the same time to have everyone engaged. The games we had were played in order so we can keep better track of scores. Everyone had a great time playing both consoles. 🕹

Same as at the last event, we played three games on the Lynx - Toki, Checkered Flag and Scrapyard Dog. Some of the comments that people have said were "Lynx is more fun than Game Boy" 😻

A timeline of the events... We started with Toki the gorilla who has to advance in his world as much as possible and kill or avoid his enemies. The player with the highest score won. Then we played Checkered flag. This time, as in February, the player who completed the lap of the first circuit in the shortest possible time won. Finally, we finished the tournament playing Scrapyard dog. In this game you have to try to advance with your character as much as possible in order to find your dog. Nice game. In this round, the player with the most points won.

And here are the results of the tournament...

Checkered Flag
1. Egoitz Campo — 7 points (time 1’03)
2. Javier Cetina — 6 points (time 1’10 min)
3 .Luis Villamor — 5 points (time 1’23)
4. Álvar de Prada — 5 points (time 1’23 min)
5. Jagoba Moreno — 3 points (time 1’25 min)
6. Javier Junior — 3 points (time 1’25 min)
7. Lander Campo — 1 point (time 1’40)

Scrapyard dog
1. Egoitz Campo — 5 points (17.000)
2. Luis Villamor — 4 points (13.100)
3. Álvar de Prada — 3 points (7.600)
4. Jagoba Moreno — 2 points (6.200)
5. Javier Cetina — 1 point (5.800)
1. Egoitz Campo — 6 points (26.000)
2. Álvar de Prada — 5 points (23.650)
3. Javier Cetina — 4 points (19.250)
4. Jagoba Moreno — 3 points (19.000)
5. Luis Villamor — 2 points (17.400)
6. Javier Junior — 1 point (8.500)

Final Atari Lynx Leaderboard
1. Egoitz Campo 18 points (Basque Country)
2. Álvar de Prada 13 points (Basque Country)
3. Luis Villarmor 11 points (Basque Country)
4. Javier Cetina 11 points (Basque Country)
5. Jagoba Moreno 8 points (Basque Country)
6. Javier Junior 4 points (Basque Country)
7. Lander Campo 1 point (Basque Country)

This tournament was good, people were satisfied and they told us they will come back again. In February of next year we will organize the "II. Basque Tournament of Atari Lynx". I hope to get new games and encourage more players.

Update: Here's the next edition of the tournament - Basque Tournament of Atari Lynx (February 2022).

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