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In August last year, the Euskal Retro Association organised the second of a series of events where people got together to play the Atari Lynx and the 2600. This seems to be on track to become a twice a year event, just like in 2021. The first for 2022 was held on February 11th (yes we're a bit late reporting on it).

We at Atari Gamer donated some games to be played at this event and it's great to see them being enjoyed all the way around the other side of the world from us. It's also amazing seeing both adult retro gamers and the young kids enjoying the Lynx together. We're looking forward to the future events, which will hopefully feature some ComLynx games too! 🕹

Here's the write up from the organiser on what transpired and of course the scores at the end...

Seven of us met at the Jofer Bar (Santutxu-Bilbao) and we had a great time playing three games of Atari Lynx's official games: Checkered Flag, Rygar and Toki. While we played Atari Lynx we also played the classic Atari 2600. On the 2600 we played to Basketball, Outlaw, Desert Falcon and Combat. As usual we alternated between the consoles so that everyone could play as much as possible. We kept score of each player's points and times and ranked the players at the end.

Checkered Flag and Toki were games that were familiar and we played at the last event, Toki was a new game we tried competing with this time around. It's a fun game in which our gorilla has to advance among the dangers. My idea is to buy new games and add them in our tournaments in the future.

It was a really nice afternoon and everyone enjoyed playing. Egoitz was the best in both tournaments (Lynx and 2600) but Alvar, a fan of TV consoles came close. All of the participants did a good job, and had fun. For the future, if the pandemic allows it, and we hope it will, in August we will organise the "Bilbao Tournament of Atari Lynx and Atari 2600" and by then we hope to encourage more players. We also hope to purchase a second Atari Lynx to be able to play more games simultaneously.

And here are the results of the tournament...

Checkered Flag (1 lap - Phoenix track)
1-Egoitz Campo 7 points (time 1’35)
2-Alvar Alonso 6 points (time 1’42)
3-Joseba Nieto 5 points (time 1’44)
4-Mikel Maletxeberria 4 points (time 1’45)
5-Daniel Barrientos 3 points (time 1’53)
6-Andi Erromo 2 points (time 2’05)
7-Lander Campo 1 point (time 4'05)

1-Egoitz Campo 6 points (136.000 score)
2-Alvar Alonso 5 points (55.000 score)
3-Mikel Maletxeberria 4 points (27.000 score)
4-Daniel Barrientos 3 points (13.700 score)
5-Joseba Nieto 2 points (13.000 score)
6-Lander Campo 1 point (500 score)
1-Alvar Alonso 5 points (35.000 score)
2-Mikel Maletxeberria 4 points (29.000 score)
3- Egoitz Campo 3 points (28.200 score)
4-Joseba Nieto 2 points (16.000 score)
5-Andi Erromo 1 point (1.500 score)

Final Atari Lynx Leaderboard
1-Egoitz Campo 16 points*
2-Alex Martínez 16 points*
3-Mikel Maletxeberria 12 points
4-Joseba Nieto 9 points
5-Daniel Barrientos 6 points
6-Andi Erromo 3 points
7-Lander Campo 2 points

* Egoitz won the tournament because he won two partial victories, and Alvar just one.

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