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Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
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Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
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Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
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Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
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Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure by Jon Mc

This game has no fighting and enemies are simply to be avoided. If it seems like there are way too many enemies in an area then you need to find a special item to ward them off.

Music Notes

In the first area, Egypt, you need to collect music notes and a gold nugget. The notes are always hidden in multiples of 16, so if you don't have a multiple of 16 in your inventory, you know there are more to find.

Level Passwords

Egypt 1700 B.C.
C68K BD02 W1T1 0G0D

Egypt 1500 B.C.

Rome 60 B.C.
4000 0002 ZF6P 0H1S

Europe 1700 A.D.

Rome 70 B.C.
4A33 7L03 I4C5 6WZ1

Texas 1880 A.D.
4000 00DD Z43L 6WNA

San Dimas 2691 A.D.
C8S9 AG07 7HH9 71D2

Last updated on 12 April 2019
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