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Basketbrawl by Jon Mc
Michael Jordan

Enter MJ23 as your password. A player with Michael Jordan's attributes will be your partner.

Edit pause message

To edit the pause message, pause the game, then hold Option 1 and press Option 2.

Level PasswordsLevel 1-1 AAAA
Level 1-2 BBBB
Level 1-3 CCCC
Level 2-1 DDDD
Level 2-2 EEEE
Level 2-3 FFFF
Level 3-1 GGGG
Level 3-2 HHHH
Level 3-3 IIII
Level 4-1 JJJJ
Level 4-2 KKKK
Level 4-3 LLLL
Level 5-1 MMMM
Level 5-2 NNNN
Level 5-3 OOOO

Last updated on 18 September 2018
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