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After almost giving up trying to find nice looking and affordable display stands for my Atari Lynx consoles I came across a listing that piqued my curiosity. It was by Ino Plaz, a British acrylics fabricator and they offered an Atari Lynx stand like none that I've seen before...for a good price and in all sorts of different colours!

I've contacted them and found out that they have a dedicated online shop, Gaming Displays that specialises in stands for many different consoles. Of course, I was only interested in the Lynx II Display Stand so I ordered two. One was in orange and the other was in black. These were not the only colour choices though - there were over 50 different colours to choose from and you could get the display logo engraved too!

The display, when I received it and put it together was simply amazing...

These displays were shipped in a flat envelope and required some assembly. This part is easy however - remove all tape and protective plastic first...

Then slide all of the pieces together. The middle bar needs to be connected across the two vertical pieces first, then the vertical pieces can slide into the base. That's all there was to assembly. No glue required.

These stands were really well designed for the Lynx II. The vertical section neatly slid over the cartridge slot and worked together with the notches on the front side to lock the Lynx into place. My only complaint was that the vertical parts were a little too tall and it wasn't possible to leave a cartridge in place while on the stand (perhaps a future revision will have these shortened by a few millimetres).

The black stand was just as good and I decided to see how well it would work with a Lynx I.

It of course didn't snap in place like on the Lynx II but overall it worked pretty well. Maybe a Lynx I version will also be available soon.

So that's that! Great display stands and great colours. I would have loved to try out the mirror finish base as well, perhaps that's a future purchase.

Update (January 2020) - There is a model 1 stand available now, check out the review here: Review of the Gaming Displays Atari Lynx Model 1 Display Stand.

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