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One of the recently announced cartridges for the classic Evercade console is ATARI LYNX collection 2. Scheduled to launch on Q3 2020 (similar to the ATARI LYNX Collection 1), the ATARI LYNX Collection 2 is one of the five cartridges scheduled to begin this year for the iconic handheld console. That said, let us take a quick look at some of the games included in the collection and do a slight comparison on the ATARI LYNX Collection 1.

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But before we dive into the collection, let’s do a quick overview of the ATARI LYNX console. For those new to the brand, ATARI LYNX is a handheld video game console released by ATARI in 1989. This piece of portable gaming equipment comes with a 3.5 ” diagonal screen and has been tagged as the world’s first handheld gaming device with a color LCD. Although the concept was revolutionary at the time, the ATARI LYNX failed to compete against Nintendo’s Game Boy.

Nevertheless, despite having to experience a massive decline just four years after its launch (this includes the ATARI LYNX 2) ATARI LYNX managed to compile or introduce a decent number of games to its audience. With that out of the way let’s take a quick look at some of the games included on the upcoming ATARI LYNX Collection 2 for the Evercade.

For starters, the ATARI LYNX Collection 2 for the Evercade only comes with 8 titles, nine titles short compared to the ATARI LYNX Collection 1’s 17. Now in terms of quality vs. quantity, there isn’t much to be said between the two collections. For the most part, it’s fair to say that Evercade did an excellent job of compiling the titles for both groups.

ATARI LYNX Collection 1 Games:

One reason that makes ATARI LYNX Collection 2 not inferior to the multiple games included in the first collection is the fact that it comes with a balanced selection of titles. As you may have noticed, the first collection comes mostly with puzzles, sports, and other casual games.

ATARI LYNX Collection 2 on the other hand, comes with vertical shooters and platformers. Not to mention that it also comes with one of the popular sports game titles for the LYNX, which is the California Games and Checkered Flag.

Now for those new to those titles, California Games comes with six sporting events (Half-Pipe, Roller Skating, Surfing, BMX, Footbag, and Flying Disc). Checkered Flag, on the other hand, is a highly acclaimed F1 racing game developed for the LYNX console and was later ported to the ATARI Jaguar.

ATARI LYNX Collection 2 Games:

In a nutshell, both collections are compiled based on player interests. ATARI LYNX Collection 1 is perfect for those who love to play classic puzzle and casual games. However, ATARI LYNX Collection 2 is a compilation for those who are into arcade-based shooters and action games. That said, if you want to get a hold on any of the two collections, it is important to consider the genre you are more interested in playing. The reason for this is that both groups will likely launch with the same price tag.

However, if Evercade comes up with a bundle, getting both the ATARI LYNX Collection 1 and 2 is worth it, especially for those who want to own and collect classic licensed games and play it on a modern gaming platform.

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