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If you are as much of an Atari Lynx fan as I am and have a complete official games library for the console, you can't go past this new collector's item - Atari Lynx Trading Cards!

The card set is being produced as a semi-limited run by Marc from RetroGamesShop and will feature the first 50 Atari Lynx games to be released as well as additional cards that have console information, game rarity descriptions and related information.

A short word from Marc on the set...

Maybe you know my trading card sets I have done for the Atari 7800 and Intellivision (see links down below). Currently I am working on a series of trading/collector cards for the for the Lynx (and the 5200, for this please check the thread in the 5200 forum) with the support of AtariAge for quite some time now after finishing Series 5 for the Intellivision. Today I’ve received the test prints and all in all the cards are looking fine. I must do a few small changes but then they are ready to go. The first series with 50 cards features the original Atari releases (the first 50 of them to precise).

The card set itself looks fantastic and will make a great addition to any Lynx collector's library. It's professionally printed on durable poker cards quality paper and includes full colour game cover art on the front of each card with game details, screenshots and rarity score on the back.

Here are some examples of the cards that will be included in the set...

If you're interested in getting a copy of this set, get in touch with Marc via this discussion thread. The cost will be €37.50 (at the time of writing). The initial printing will be done once 25 confirmed orders are placed so get in quick. Any orders afterwards will need to wait for the next lot of 25 confirmations before they will be produced.

In case you're interested in Marc's other trading card sets, you can check details of those out here:

Marc has also agreed to having all of the digital (low res) versions of the cards added to the games in the game database right here at AtariGamer! Now when you visit games that have a trading card (for example Gates of Zendocon) you will see the Collector Card shown in the game images at the bottom of the page. Thanks Marc!

Update: the set has now been shipped out and here's the Unboxing and first look.

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