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This page can be used to help competition judges enter their judgement results for each of the entries in the the Atari Lynx 30th Birthday Programming Competition. Judges are asked to play each of the competition entries and award points in a number of criteria below.

Core Criteria

There are four "core" criteria - Creativity, Implementation, Gameplay and Replay. Each criteria is described individually and is scored between 1 and 10.

How new and original is the concept and theme/style for this game?

  • lowest - immediately reminds you of an existing game (for example, jawbreaker to pac-man)
  • middle - a new/original twist on an existing concept (like Arkanoid would be to breakout)
  • highest - new concept you would have never expected

Effectiveness and quality of the graphics, sound and music used in the game.

  • lowest - boring graphics and sound/music that don't capture the game theme well
  • middle - graphics and sound/music that work well but aren't exceptional
  • highest - polished graphics and sound/music that blend well together to create an immersive experience

How enjoyable/fun the game is to play, taking into account game/level design and controls.

  • lowest - poor level design and/or controls that make playing this game a chore rather than a fun experience
  • middle - controls are easy enough to master but level and game design need work for a smooth gaming experience
  • highest - game/level design is polished and intuitive and controls are a breeze to pick up and apply in-game

How addictive and replay-able the game is.

  • lowest - you can't wait to put this game down and move onto the next one
  • middle - it's good to play a few times but will get boring long term
  • highest - this is something you will come back to again-and-again

Adjustment Criteria

A special criteria score is used to adjust the final values of the "core" criteria. The core criteria will be multiplied by the value of the completion criteria and then added together to get the final score for the game.

How close to a finished product this game is on a scale of 1 to 10. Low scores indicate the game requires a large amount of extra work to complete, high scores indicate that the game is ready for physical release and distribution.


Judgement Score

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