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Argon is a multi-system emulator, currently supporting Atari Lynx, Intellivision, Coleco Vision, Atari 2600 and Vectrex. It's in a public beta and can be downloaded from the Google Play store. Argon is an emulator for Android devices like mobile phones, Chromebooks, tablets and even Raspberry Pi.

Argon lets you play games from your own collection as well as from our ever-expanding library of classic games and homebrew hits!

Argon is developed by Mark/Space, who have been an ongoing sponsor for most of our programming competitions. You can find out more details and get the latest information about Argon on its official website.

A selection of Atari Lynx homebrew games have been pre-loaded into the Argon library already and you can add your own ROMs (via Google Docs) so you can play pretty much everything that we have listed in our game database and from our ROM downloads page.

Argon features a nice, clean and modern interface that lets you select the system you want to emulate and then it displays the library of games available for that system. It can be controlled using keyboard or joystick too (as long as your device supports those methods of input of course).

Games rendered in Argon can have either the retro classic pixel-correct look or use pixel smoothing to achieve a more modern look with rounded edges and no pixelation.

See the Argon Info Knowledge Base articles for information like keyboard mappings, how to add your own custom ROM collections, etc.

There are many other options to Atari Lynx emulation, read about them here.

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