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The Retro HQ Lynx Game Drive (GD) cartridge is great and lets you play Atari Lynx ROMs on your Lynx, opening up your library to many free and excellent home brew games. There's only a slight 'issue' with has an exposed PCB. This in itself is not a problem and will not damage your Lynx GD in any way if you touch it, but it can be made to look better with our cartridge stickers!

The sticker is available for purchase from our online store in the SD Flash Cart and Accessories category and comes as a set with a box and display stand to make sure that your Lynx GD has a home on your display shelf.

The sticker is printed on non-rip polyester paper and has an additional 80 micron thick clear plastic plastic layer over the print to keep the print from being scratched and it gives it a nice, shiny, finish.

Using something sharp like a scalpel, Exacto knife, a sewing needle pin, etc, start to lift the white backing paper from one of the corners. Make sure that you're not peeling the clear protective plastic layer off. You will notice that there is a sticky adhesive under the white backing paper, if you don't see that, you're probably peeling the wrong layer so try again (maybe on a different corner). Peel the entire backing paper off.

Align the sticker to the top left corner of the Lynx GD on the PCB side. Then gently slide it down so that it makes contact with the whole top portion of the PCB. You may need to re-align it slightly here, once the top of the sticker is lined up with the top of the PCB you can gently lower it the whole way down. Do this a small section at a time and keep the sticker as flat as possible to avoid trapping any air bubbles inside.

The sticker will reach down to the cartridge contacts if applied correctly. If it sticks over the locking tabs in the middle of the cart, simply push it down under the tabs.

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