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  3. Applying the PCB cover sticker to BennVenn's ElCheapoSD for Atari Lynx

The BennVenn ElCheapoSD cartridge is great and lets you play Atari Lynx ROMs on your Lynx, opening up your library to many free and excellent home brew games. There's only a slight 'issue' with has an exposed PCB. This in itself is not a problem and will not damage your ElCheapoSD in any way if you touch it, but it can be made to look better with our cartridge stickers!

The sticker is available for purchase from our online store in the BennVenn Atari Lynx ElCheapoSD SD Flash Cart and Accessories category and comes in different colours to suit your preference.

This is a short guide on how to apply the sticker to your ElCheapoSD. We're going to be applying it to the version with the injection moulded shell, not the 3D printed prototype (which there should only be a handful of out there).

Step 1🕸

Using something with a sharp edge (a moulding tool, spudger, scalpel, exacto knife, etc) gently pry one of the corners of the sticker off of the backing sheet, being careful not to bend it. You can then gently peel the rest of the backing sheet off completely.

Align the sticker to the top edge of the PCB, where the SD card slot is and make sure it's completely straight across the entire edge (this may take a few attempts). Then, gently lower the sticker all the way to the bottom edge where the gold finger contacts are, making sure you're massaging out and not trapping any air bubbles. The sticker should ever so slightly cover the top of the contacts.

Out of interest we did apply the sticker to the 3D printed prototype, it worked but the green PCB sticks out of the shell slightly, so there is a step in the sticker. Also due to this the sticker is easily scratched.

Note: This sticker is printed on polyester material and can't be ripped, but it can be stretched and scratched if sufficient force is applied. The sticker is not coated/laminated to make it as thin as possible, so there is potential to scratch off some of the ink when inserting into your Lynx.

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