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You're playing Autostereogram Volume 2. This is an online Atari Lynx emulator, click the 'Click to Start' message on the Lynx screen below to launch the game.
Screen scale1x1.7x2x2.5x3x4xRotationNormalLeftRight
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Sound Effects
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D-Pad UpUp Arrow
D-Pad RightRight Arrow
D-Pad DownDown Arrow
D-Pad LeftLeft Arrow
Option 1Q
Option 2W
A ButtonX
B ButtonZ
This online Atari Lynx emulator is made possible with Libretro and RetroArch. It's running the Handy Lynx emulator core. This emulator uses a borrow system for ROMs and for certain games ROMs are not downloadable. Enjoy the games, relive this era of Atari's history, and respect the original game creators.

If you experience any issues with this emulator, please get in contact and report them.
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