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Yastuna Volume 2 - The Space Incident (RGC)

Yastuna vol. 2 is a freeware compilation of Lynx games to be used with an Atari Lynx emulator. In space, nobody will hear you play.

Space Lock

Inspired by Lunar Lockout, the classic from Binary Arts / Think Fun.60 levels of increasing difficulty.The game includes a level editor, in order to create and play to your own levels. With an easy to use code system, you will be able to distribute to your friends or over Internet your best levels.A tutorial is included, in order to learn how to play to Space Lock.

Space Shoot

Enough is enough, the dinner time cannot be disturbed by these invaders every day !!!With your good old ship, fight against never-ending ennemies waves.Between each level, you can upgrade your ship at the Space Shop. Be careful, every use of a special weapon will cost you some points.

Space Dance

Between 2 space combat, why not going relaxing into discotheque ?A dance game on Lynx, with nice musics from Sampo.In order to be able to go to next level, you must score at least 80%.

Ehm, no, there is no dance pad for Lynx, AFAIK ;)

Space Domino

Play against your Lynx in this simple domino game.Will you be able to win ?

Game Information
Rarity51 (3)
ConsoleAtari Lynx
Release Type
Part #RGC0001
Cart & Pack Type
PublisherRetro-gaming Connexion
Players (Console - ComLynx)1 - N/A
ROM AvailableNo
Variants (Compare)
Yastuna Volume 2 - The Space Incident (16/32) ( - - )Rarity: 49
Yastuna Volume 2 - The Space Incident (RGC) ( - - )Rarity: 51
Yastuna Volume 2 - The Space Incident (LynxMan) ( - - )Rarity: 88
See definitions of Rarity Scores and Release Types.
Related Information
External Rarity Information
External Links
Official Developer Website
Information Website
Pricing Information
Other Price$22.5 (~USD)
Game Media

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