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Marlboro Go!

This game was a part of a promotion from Marlboro cigarettes where you could exchange points from cigarette packets for Marlboro branded items. The game came with a red Atari Lynx with 'Marlboro Abenteuer Team' branding written across the top.

The game doesn't appear to be very complete, featuring only one track. It was released on a hand-etched PCB cartridge that was individually numbered.

Note: Sometimes this pops up as 'Marlboro Man' and on a green PCB cartridge - these versions are fake reproductions, not the originals produced for the Marlboro competition.

Game Information
ConsoleAtari Lynx
Release Type
Part #N/A
Cart & Pack Type
DeveloperDigital Image
PublisherAdventure Team
Players (Console - ComLynx)1 - N/A
ROM AvailableYes   🎮 Play Online
Variants (Compare)
Marlboro Go! ( - - )Rarity: 0
Marlboro Man ( - - )Rarity: 60
See definitions of Rarity Scores and Release Types.
Related Information
External Rarity Information
AtariAge RarityP
External Links
A Red Atari Lynx, With Marlboro Go, Was Among Many Marlboro Adventure Team Marketing Tactics
Pricing Information
Game Media

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