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Lynx Blast / Dynalynx

The game looks (almost unintentionally) like Dynabuster on the STE / Falcon.

D-pad - Move red dwarf
Button 1 - Bomb
Button 2 - detonate bomb (only if "remotely" collected)
Button 1 + 2 - restart

Dynamite rod - an extra bomb
Plus - extend explosion range
Arrow up - kick bomb further

Bombs are kicked by standing on a laid down bomb and pressing fire again. The last one moved direction determines the direction of the kick.

Note: This game is not fully complete. The ComLynx mode is buggy and should not be used for gameplay. If you spot any issues, especially with more than 3 Lynx connected together, leave your feedback for the developer either here or on the forums thread linked below.

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Game Information
ConsoleAtari Lynx
Release Type
Release Date2001
Part #N/A
Pack Type
DeveloperBjoern Spruck
Players1 on Console, No ComLynx Support
Screen RotationNo
Stereo/PanningMono Sound
Lynx SD Save SupportNo
Can be PausedUnknown
Cartridge Information
Cartridge Type
ROM MD5 Hash (headerless)N/A
EEPROM (for save data)No EEPROM
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Related Information
External Rarity Information
External Links
Developer's website
DYNALYNX at AtariAge
Pricing Information
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