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Black Pit

"Commander, the squad is ready for the suicide mission !"

So who is in the squad ?
Well, once again, it is you, you are not the most trained Space Marine, and you were the only volunteer, so this is probably why you are the perfect guy for this suicide mission.
Also, there is no budget for expensive equipment, you will have to rely on a compass and your good old sonar computer (yes, BYOD) . Sorry, we prefer to keep night vision google for elite commandos.
Oh, I forgot to tell you, you may encounter some interferences, don't worry, it will not harass you after your death.
Last point, I hope your sonar computer is a Lynx 2 model, or you will not be able to experiment sonar tracking for monsters (it's not that it is 100% needed, but I guess knowing there is a monster on your right or your left could be useful - I don't know, I never volunteered for a silly mission like this...).

Good luck, and remember, there is no shame to give up, as long as nobody else knows...

So it is quite easy, you are in a labyrinth and you must find the exit.

Graphisms are in your head, so if you want the game to be a FPS in 4K resolution, that's all good, but as you play in the dark, the screen only displays your compass and remaining time (you only have 9 minutes to escape).

Gameplay mostly use sounds via your sonar. When your sonar hit an obstacle (wall, teleportation gate), it makes a sound. If the sonar hit a monster, the monster will shout. Time between sounds depends of distance, so if you move too fast, you may miss some important informations.

There are also some other sound informations, like your heart (when time decrease, you heart rate increase), electromagnetic perturbations (also visibles on screen), and sometimes, if a monster see you from profile, it shouts (so from left or right as game use stereo).

The good thing is that all sonar impacts, and your moves are recorded, so it may be helpful.

How to play🕸

up : move forward
down : move backward
left/right : rotate
Button A/B : strafe
Option 1 : display computer screen (be careful, time is still flying when you look at computer, there is no pause)

Sorry, we wan't take the risk to give you a weapon, imagine what a monster could do to us with an ALK-97 after your death...But, there is a good news: monsters can't move, at least, we are pretty sure they don't move, and nobody came back to tell us they move...

There are 4 difficulty modes, and from 1 to 8 level (a labyrinth) in each mode.

You can choose the 1st level you want to play, and you will always have 9 minutes to escape (so if you choose Very Easy/1 you have 9' to go throught 8 levels, and if you choose Very Easy/8, you still have 9' to go through level 8 ).

This entry is part of an event — LynxJam 2021 - Let's Make Something Scary.
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Replay Value
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Game Information🕸

ConsoleAtari Lynx
Release DateDecember 12   2021
Release Type
Part #N/A
Pack Type
Players1 on console
ComLynx SupportNo ComLynx Support
Screen RotationNo
Stereo/PanningStereo Sound
Lynx SD Save SupportNo 
Can be PausedNo

Cartridge Information🕸

Cartridge Type
ROM Size256 KiB
ROM MD5 Hash (headerless)9FFB453D3D4F9745B6A3893215B5DD5F
EEPROM (for save data)No EEPROM

Other Links🕸

  Download ROM from

Game Media🕸


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