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Championship Rally
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Championship Rally
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Championship Rally
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Championship Rally by Jon Mc
Hidden Multiplayer Mode

Use ComLynx cables to connect with up to 3 other players. Select the Versus Mode to play the game in the hidden multiplayer mode.

BLL Loader im Tournament screen (after pressing "New Game").

You can push some object around.You can drive the wrong way if you dare.

Enter 'CAAA' to get different steering control.Enter it again to return to normal control.

Press Up+Opt2+Opt1 in credits screen to enable all tracks.(press and hold in that order)

Pause the game. Press Opt 1 + Opt 2 to finish the race in first place.

Hidden Passages

Track 1: Desert
Above the left-down building. Between the palms.

Track 3: Downtown
Cut off the left-down edge. Broad way between buildings.

Track 4: Alaska
Move the object upper-right edge. Use the other way round the lake.

Track 5: Coastway
Hidden way from up-middle to left-middle.

Track 6: Valley
Look for a long long building in the right.

Track 7: Formula
Push commercial aside to cut off down left egde.

Game Passwords

8 Pts: 6I4G
16 Pts: 0412
24 Pts: 0I52

Hint:Enemies only collide with objects if they are on-screen.

Last updated on 8 November 2018
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