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I recently started collecting vintage Atari Lynx retro gaming advertisements and needed to find a way of having them on display without permanently mounting them to a backing paper sheet. I wanted to have all of these historical pieces in one display folder for ease of viewing and preservation.

All of the advertisements I had were larger than A4 but smaller than A3.

I picked out an A3 size minimalist looking clear display folder for this purpose and used 600gsm white paper as backing to mount these onto. This paper was quite thick and perfect for the job.

Since I didn't want to use glue, the only other way I could think of mounting these ads were to cut a slot into the backing paper sheet around every corner of the ad and slide the ad through to keep it securely in place. This required a metal ruler and a scalpel. The slots were measured out at 1.5cm from each corner of the ad.

After cutting the slots I used the (Star Wars) eraser to remove any pencil marks and then thickened the slot by moving the scalpel back and forth on an angle.

Not long after, I had four evenly spaced slots ready for the advertisement.

Pushing the advertisement through was quite easy. Once all four corners were pushed in I pulled them through the other side of the backing paper sheet to make the advertisement centred and tight.

The final result was exactly what I wanted!

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