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The Lynx Programming Competition 2020 has come to an end now and that means that there are new games for Atari Lynx fans to try out. This year's competition didn't draw in as many entries as the one last year, but I dare say that the quality of this year's entries is well over par!

The competition was hosted over at this time around, which provided for a much better platform for entry submissions and now opens up all the games for rating by the public. So be sure to try out each game, you can play them all online via our Atari Lynx Emulator. Direct links to play the games are down below. The competition was sponsored by RetroHQ, Mark/Space: Project Argon and AtariAge.

There are six games and six different genres, including some unusual games with the like never seen on Atari Lynx before. We have a puzzle game, shooter, runner, sports, boardgame and a platformer to boot. Lets take a quick look at each one...

Asteroids Chasers🕸

Asteroids Chasers is a puzzle game based on a print-and-play card game called Cheese Chasers. The objective is to mine asteroids while avoiding pirates and explosions. Game progress is saved in EEPROM, which is a nice extra.

Play Asteroids Chasers
Download and Rate Asteroids Chasers


Minimal is a platformer with a cool monotone/blue look. Take control of the robot and go blast some enemies!

Play Minimal
Download and Rate Minimal

Sybil's Nightmare Run🕸

Do you like to run, or jetpack around? This game is for you! Take control of Sybil and run for your life in this red-tinged dystopian landscape.

Play Sybil's Nightmare Run
Download and Rate Sybil's Nightmare Run


Soccer and science fiction combined to take you on this Groundhog Day match of a lifetime. You play soccer...against your past self, how far can you get?

Play Timeloop
Download and Rate Timeloop


Your brain has been scanned into a space exploration drone's circuits and is now its AI. Can you handle the task of collecting space-time quantum crystals?

Play Titan
Download and Rate Titan

Xump 2🕸

Have you played Xump - The Final Run? Well Misuki is back to clean up deserted fields, in space...and you control Xump, the headbot to get the job done.

Play Xump 2
Download and Rate Xump 2

Please don't forget to submit your ratings for each of the games, your input is very valuable! Enjoy these excellent additions to the Lynx Game Library and...keep on Lynxing!

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