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  3. Jump for it! The Top Ten Atari Lynx Platformers

Platform games are a favourite of many gamers (myself included). They require skill, timing and persistence. The Atari actually has a large variety of platformers for all ages and standards, which make it an ideal system for those who appreciate this type of game.

The volume of platformers to choose from makes it difficult to choose which ones are the best. So let us regale you with another "Top Ten", where the question is put to us all: what are the best Lynx platformers out there? Here we go!


‘Viking Child’ isn’t as celebrated as other Lynx platformers, but enough time spent in this game’s world will reveal a title of surprising depth. Look around and you’ll find shops, different skills, boss fights, and varied lands to explore. Plus there’s a terrific password system, so you’ll never have to start at the beginning again. Though it’s not high on pace, ‘Viking Child’ is high on reliable platforming action.


‘Power Factor’ may not be the favourite of Lynx platformers out there, but it looks better than nearly all of them. Looking like a vintage Duke Nukem, you control 'Red Ace' as he runs and jetpacks his way through diverse factory floors collecting bomb components. It’s a ‘Metroid’-esque adventure, but it has its own style and pizazz. Good fun for advanced platforming aficionados who like their sci-fi!

8 - GORDO #106

You’ve never understood how a lab monkey truly feels before you played ‘Gordo #106’! And he feels a tad upset... so help him and his buddies escape! A visually rich platformer with awesome music, Gordo is a hat wearing monkey with attitude, and the game looks utterly unique next to other Lynx platformers. It’s fun too, albeit challenging. You’ll need to practice to beat this one!


‘Ninja Gaiden III’ was a classic platformer on other consoles, so its arrival on the Lynx was pretty exciting. Though the graphics and the sound are not up to the same standard as the original, the controls and gameplay are top notch. Truly a platformer for the elite-level players, this game is H-A-R-D... but the climbing, flipping and sword swinging will have you coming back over and over again!


‘Shadow of the Beast’ is one beautiful game; if only it weren’t so crazily difficult! Still... it’s hard not to be drawn into this mysterious, brooding world of weird and angry creatures (who only look marginally uglier than your own character). None of the sprites will win a beauty contest, but that’s kind of the point. A challenging, multi-level platformer mixed with puzzle elements... if you can beat it without a guide, hats off to you!


An Amiga classic, ‘Switchblade 2’ translates fantastically onto the Lynx. A graphically appealing title set in an apocalyptic future, ‘Switchblade 2’ has secrets, dangerous foes, multiple weapons and great platforming action throughout. A tad on the easy side, but the quality of the game almost makes up for that. A great little play.


A long name and an even longer game, Todd stars in a funny and crazy game. This is a large-scale, maze-exploring title you seriously don’t want to miss. Gigantic, slime filled caverns. Head suckers. Pus everywhere. Vomiting monsters. Head suckers. And enough slime gems to fill Todd’s (unreliable) space ship. Find the exit before you get fragged! Did I mention the headsuckers? Yeah, headsuckers!


It’s like a cross between a beat ‘em up, a platformer and (unintended?) speed-runner. But it’s all awesome! This officially licensed Batman game has you controlling the caped one as he leaps across tall buildings... and possibly dies a one hit death. No Lynx platformer is as hard as ‘Batman Returns’. But as a game, it looks, sounds and plays phenomenally. And you’ll be back for seconds and third plays. My turn!

2 - TOKI

It’s going to look weird at first, but ‘Toki’ is a terrific arcade conversion and is a wonderful platforming experience. So many surprises litter this game, from the looney foes to the hidden power-ups, and you can climb, swim and jump til your platforming heart is content. Tough, but not too tough, ‘Toki’ has a challenge that is just right. A great game for all ages.


Don’t be fooled by the kiddy appearance; ‘Scrapyard Dog’ plays a bit like ‘Super Mario’, and you’ll be thrilled to know that the challenge of this game is just as significant. You can go the normal way and enjoy the vehicles, humour, challenge and jumping action. Or, you can search for secret level warps and hidden doors, where giant pianos sit, ready to dispense power-ups... no, really! ‘Scrapyard Dog’ is a fantastic introductory game for the Lynx and it’s one of the best games on the system. Go Louie!

That's the Top Ten! What do you think? There are a number of other Lynx platformers out there, including home brew titles like 'Fat Bobby'. Some of these are still available, and are well worth checking out if you are interested in new platforming releases.

Until next time, it's goodbye once more, and happy (jump) gaming!

This article was submitted by Jon Mc from JMac Productions

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