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Some tips and tricks in Lynx games don’t come in the form of passwords or cheat codes; they are just uncommon (and often unknown) methods of play that can help you beat a game much more easily. Below are a selection of perfectly acceptable tips and tricks that could set you on your way. Don’t forget to suggest your own below in the comments!

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Each fighter has a special move, but Buzz has two! Press ‘Option 1’ for a body slam. Press ‘Option 1 + forward on the d-pad’ for a pile-driver!

Hidden doors are in the ceiling on some tracks, which can warp you to future race tracks! Simply go upside down on the top of the tunnel once you know that track has an upper doorway. Happy warping!

Cleansers are great for making slime pools into water. But if a cleanser does not clean a slime pool, you can bet there is something secret down there!

The pterodactyl CAN be fragged - it involves jousting it’s mouth while it’s mid-charging you. Hey, I didn’t say it was easy! If you can pull it off, expect mega points!

Reducing the number of games needed to win a match can advance you through tournaments a lot quicker. So can playing tennis players higher up the ranking than the player just above you.

Duck behind the letterbox in level one, right before the bomb explodes and takes out the building. Escape with zero damage every time!

Avoid the referee as much as possible and try to lure him toward your opponent. He is just as likely to want brawls with your opponent as he is to you! Use that valuable time to score mega points.

There is a ‘quick winch’ hidden out there somewhere; it upgrades your winch to pick up soldiers and supplies three times as fast.

The helpful fireball alien will easily travel through dimensional gates, but friendly aliens like the Sonic Dart can struggle to enter it (leading to death in the worst cases!). Try zooming into gates fast so that the friendly aliens trail behind you a bit; once you are in, they are in!

GORDO #106
If you fall into a dungeon, don’t panic! You may just find the ‘treasure dungeon’ (there is one!) and you’ll rack up the points! Or... you may end up in the insta-death furnace. Hmm...

See those holes in trees and obvious little wall features? Jump at them! They can hold vital coins and score-boosting items!

Shoot walls often! Some lead to hidden gems and items, which will help you to complete a level much quicker: and you might even find a secret exit!

Don’t pick up unnecessary items! Once you get the weapon you want, stock with it! No point picking up the circle cannon when the wave cannon is your favourite!

You can equip a Lemming with certain skills at any time (eg.climbing). But don’t do it if the lemming is walking in the opposite direction you want it to, heading toward a high scaleable wall - or squish! Use timing to make sure the little dude gets the skill when it’s needed!

That’s all for now - don’t forget to add your fave tips below!

This article was submitted by Jon Mc from JMac Productions

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