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It's Easter time and what better way to celebrate than to play a new Atari Lynx game from Atari Gamer - Eggsavier's Cackleberry Rescue. This is a LCD style game in the theme of the famous Game and Watch type consoles. There is a little bit of colour and music thrown in on the title screen but once you get to the game itself, it's very reminiscent of these old style LCD consoles!

The story is simple - The Easter Bunny is in trouble! The egg factory is malfunctioning and eggs are falling off the conveyors! You're Eggsavier, Easter Bunny's deputy and it's your job to rescue as many falling eggs as you can.

There are three difficulty levels (Game A, B and C) which throw more and more eggs on the conveyor belt at a time. As you rescue/catch eggs, gameplay speeds up to make it more challenging.

If you don't catch one of the falling eggs, it's game over. It's addictive and fun, so give it a go! You can play it online here (using the online Atari Lynx emulator). Alternatively you can download the ROM.

Eggsavier, along with a number of other games will be made available on cartridge in the future. Happy Easter everyone!

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