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I follow many cool people on Twitter and one of them happens to be Lady Lindsay. She runs an online shop, Lady Lindsay's Creations that specialises in making all sorts of cool and geeky items including amigurumi, pixel art/jewelery, hand painted pillows and beanie hats.

After having a look at what Lindsay's made in the past, including custom dolls of Kirby, War Machine, Skeletor, Yoda, and many more (check out her Twitter, it's really is something!) - I decided to shoot her a message about a custom order. I wasn't sure if she's take it up because the order was for an amigurumi of an Atari Lynx console, a bit of a deviation to her usual artworks. Luckily for me, she agreed to make me one!

The result was very cool!

Lindsay even agreed to send some in-progress shots. I love being able to see something like this being created so seeing these photos was awesome!

When I placed the order, I didn't really give Lindsay much direction, just that I wanted a Lynx II Amigurumi. We talked about scale and decided that something 3/4 scale would be around about the best size to show all the detail. I didn't know exactly what to expect so when I saw that photo of the screen and buttons and all the hand-painted details I was really blown away. Her attention to detail really amazed me.

I've taken some time to ask Lindsay some questions, so lets see what she had to say...

AG> Hello Lindsay! Thank you for taking your time to answer these questions, I'm going to go ahead and start with asking you when and how you got into making Amigurumi?

LL> I've crocheted off & on since I was kid. I noticed amigurumi online, and then at conventions. Folks that were making/selling them had a hard time keeping them on their tables. So, I thought, "Hmmm... I can do that!". At the time, there weren't many people making "nerd culture" amigurumi yet and I was interested in making something from the many fandoms I enjoy.

AG> From your website, I can see you have a big focus on Anime and Fantasy, are you also into video games?

LL> For me, Anime/Fantasy/Videogames all work off one another. Sub generes of a bigger whole, if that that makes sense. It all ties together at one point or another.

AG> So what is your favourite console/game?

LL> Favorite console/game? Nostalgia makes me want to say Sonic the Hedgehog on the Game Gear or Twisted Metal on Playstation 2... But my current game of choice is Fallout4 on the PS4. Of all time? The Sims for PC franchise (don't judge!)

AG> How long would a typical custom order take?

LL> Custom orders can take anywhere from 2 - 4 business weeks to complete. It truly depends on the character/object requested.

AG> Do you get many custom orders?

LL> 75% of orders placed are custom orders. That's how many of the current designs in the shop started out.

AG> Have you had any other video game/console related orders - which ones?

LL> I've had some Halo, Destiny, LOZ, and some old school NES items, as well as your Lynx II. The pixel art/sprites/jewelry, beanie hats, and amigurumi in my shop have all seen gaming requests at one time or another.

AG> How did you go about making the Atari Lynx custom order?

LL> A bit of r&d with regards to dimensions/colors, drawing a mock up, then patterning, with detailing done last. The detailing was most time consuming in order to make the buttons feel close to the original. A lot of layered paint curing, lol.

AG> I was very much surprised at the level of detail on the Atari Lynx (that's very cool!), do you often add details that are not knitted in?

LL> Certainly! Crocheted details are more feasible the larger the product. However, I have found that being versatile with materials yeilds a more true creation, while also being more durable. Fibers can lose their shape over time, so I had to find ways to make a lasting product.

AG> This one is for the hardcore Atari Lynx collectors - would you be open to making more orders like the one you made for AtariGamer?

LL> I absolutely would! Lol

If you're curious how Lindsay makes an Amigurumi, here's a video she's made of when she made Kirby. Thank you for sharing Lindsay!

Don't forget to check out Lady Lindsay's Creations and if you have a custom order in mind, do leave Lindsay a line.

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