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A while ago I got my hands on a bunch of snug fit plastic sleeves from RetroGameFreak, which I loved. At that time I noticed they were also selling Atari Lynx Console Box protectors which I thought would be nice to have but I didn't have enough Lynx console boxes at the time to make them worthwhile. Well, now that I got more boxes, I wanted to put them on display so decided to give these protectors a go.

The end result? Crystal clear protectors that do an amazing job...

The protectors are made from quite rigid plastic. They feel to be at least 0.4 thickness, which is about that's required for a protector sleeve this size. Each of the protectors comes packed with protective tape of its own, which I found ironic. At first I actually thought the protectors weren't crystal clear but after removing the tape it was obvious they were.

The creased sides make putting the protector into its final shape really easy. There are snap-in tabs for the end parts/lids, which I'm of two minds about. They are nice in keeping the console box in place, especially for those boxes that have expanded with age. However, if you have a need to get the console box out these tabs become a little bit of a nuisance.

The protector is not visible at all once it's on except for its square edges. Perfect!

Unfortunately these only come in size for the Lynx 2 box so I'll be keeping an eye out for Lynx 1 versions in the future.

So would I recommend these? Yes, 100%, especially if you want to have your Atari Lynx boxes on display all the time like I have. The price of these is reasonable at €8.99/ea but the postage costs are a little high (€25 to post to Australia), which is why I waited until I had enough Lynx console boxes to make the postage worthwhile. All in all I am very happy with these.

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