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Atari Lynx game carts can be a nuisance to store because of their relatively small size and odd shape. Whether it's a curved lip, ridged or home brew PCB cart it does not stack well with other carts. It's unfortunate that Atari has never provided any kind of case for game carts, but there is a solution!

Ironically the solution is from a competitor console, the Game Boy. It turns out that a Lynx game cart fits a Game Boy game case almost perfectly. As a bonus because all of the game cases are the same size, they stack very well inside a Lynx carry case (or anywhere else for that matter).

I recently ordered a box of 50 reproduction Game Boy game cases from AliExpress. At around 50c (AUD) a case these are very cheap and you only need to spend around $35 (AUD) to house the entire official Atari Lynx game collection. Because these are reproduction cases, they do not have the 'Nintendo' writing on them, but apart from that they are nearly identical. Here's what they look like front and back...

Each of the cases can store up to three Lynx carts inside it. I much prefer to keep two per case however (unless I have a triplicate of a game).

These cases are also perfect for storing those bulky home brew games (and the harder to find flat cart variants)...

The cases are frosted in places with clear windows on them in place where a Game Boy game would have its art showing. This doesn't line up perfectly with Lynx cart artwork but it's still visible and you can tell what's inside the case.

If you are serious about preserving and keeping your Lynx game carts safe, these reproduction Game Boy game cases are a good way of doing it. There are of course several other ways of storing Lynx carts to keep them out of harm's way and I'll be covering those in the future.

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