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This is a list of current trustworthy retailers that stock Lynx hardware, accessories and games. The list is split up be region and interest area.

If you have a known good retailer that you use please share it (you can get in contact with me via Twitter or Facebook, see links at the bottom of the page for these).


The Gamesmen
Retro Buzz


A.G.A.S. (Italy)
Press-StartGames (Netherlands)
Video Game Source (Germany)


Console Passion
Flashback Games
Game Galleria
Rewind Collectables and Games
Sorethumb Retro Video Games
Telegames UK


Goat Store LLC
Game Over Video Games
Good Deal Games' Homebrew Heaven
Songbird Productions
My Atari


Yahoo! Auctions Japan

Game Specific

Super Fighter Team - Zaku
Luchs Soft
White Lynx

Game Sales Search Engines - Atari Lynx

After Market Accessories

Rose Colored Gaming - Lynx Display Stands
RetroGameFreak - Slim Fit Game Box Protectors
RetroGameFreak - Console Box Protector

Mod and Repair Kits

Console 5

Retailers and eBay Sellers to Avoid

Unfortunately there are some retailers out there are should be avoided. This is a short list of retailers and eBay sellers that you should stay away from, with reasons for why stated.

Online Shop: Best Electronics (CA, USA) - If the horrendous design of their website doesn't scare you off, their attitude certainly will. If you ask for photos of items (yes they don't supply any photos of most Lynx items they sell) or if you ask one too many questions you get put on the 'bad list' and will be forever ignored. Having bought some of the 'prototype' carts from them I can tell they are not legitimate and are copies they have created. They claim to have rights to do so, but nowhere do they mention that you will not be getting original stock - this is misleading and downright devious.

Online Shop: Video 61 - Yet another website that does not provide photos of any of their stock and refuses to show any when requested. The legitimacy of their homebrew/prototype carts is questionable and when the issue was raised they became unreasonably defensive with threats of going to court. All prototype carts bought from here were fresh made for the order (how can this be legitimate then?) and some had solder joints that stuck out so far that they would not fit into Lynx II consoles and got jammed in the Lynx I.

eBay Seller: vectrom - Creates counterfeit Atari Lynx games without permission from original publishers or developers.

eBay Seller: *retroriginals* - Resells 'rare' Atari Lynx at 3x or more their purchase value. Provides descriptions that make it sound like items are more rare than they actually are.

eBay Seller: gamegear250 - Caught reselling currently commercially available homebrew games as 'rare' at 5x the original purchase price.

Hope you found this useful... please read on! All information on Atari Gamer is provided free of charge and we encourage you to share it as you wish. There is a small favour we ask in return however - engage in comments below, provide feedback, and if you see mistakes get in contact and let us know.

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